Here’s Who Was Left At The End Of Peter’s Bachelor Season

Peter Weber's Bachelor season kicked off with 30 women, who he narrowed down and narrowed down until, to find lasting love with Hannah Brown — kidding. We're at the end here, and there's only one contestant left on The Bachelor. The group dates, traveling around the world, and millions of puns about air travel and windmills are behind us.

During the three-hour season premiere, Peter kicked off eight women: Avonlea, Eunice, Jade, Jenna, Katrina, Kylie, Maurissa, and Megan. And now, at the end of the season, is the remaining woman, along with the rest of the cast who've been eliminated (or self eliminated). There's also a little bit about each one that might jog your memory in case you can't remember everyone right away. You might not remember who Kiarra is based on her name alone, but you will remember that there was a woman who stuffed herself in a suitcase for her limo arrival.


Get ready to know whether your predictions were correct and which ladies will kill it on Paradise. While I still wish Peter's final move was grabbing the final rose, hopping in a plane, and flying to deliver it to Hannah Brown, we know things went a little differently.

This story was updated throughout the season.

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Madison, Age 23

Foster Parent Recruiter from Auburn, AL

Madison was off to a very strong start on the show (off screen, she had a very different experience with fans). She got the first one-on-one date, which was a invitation to Peter's parents' vow renewal. Yep, she's met the entire family, and things couldn't have gone better, but then, everything changed and she left.

Until the finale, on which Peter left his fianceé Hannah Ann heartbroken. Chris Harrison visited Madison, and she came back for Peter. They're now dating.
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Hannah Ann, Age 23 — BROKEN UP WITH

Model from Knoxville, TN

Hannah Ann made a mark right off the bat in a few ways: She's friends with Hannah Godwin. She interrupted Peter's conversations with other women several times on night one. She got the first impression rose. She was also the last woman standing until Peter broke her heart after proposing in Australia.
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Victoria F., Age 25 — ELIMINATED

Medical Sales Rep from Virginia Beach, VA

Every season seems to have that one contestant who cries at just about anything, and this time around it was Victoria F. Apparently, though, she was justified in feeling some jitters this season.
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Kelsey, Age 28 — ELIMINATED

Professional Clothier from Des Moines, IA

I don't know about you, but I had hoped we get to hear more about Kelsey's fancy-sounding job title. We also never really heard about the fact that she's a twin.
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Natasha, Age 31 — ELIMINATED

Event Planner from New York, NY

Natasha was the one who had an interrupt-off with Mykenna Dorn during the first cocktail party, throwing a giant paper airplane at her and Peter during their convo. She ended up being the voice of sanity during all the Bachelor drama.

Kelley, Age 27 — ELIMINATED

Attorney from Chicago, IL

Kelley, of course, is the woman who Peter met before the show when they ran into each other at a hotel. She got the first group date rose and was the first person Peter lifted onto something in order to make out. But in week 5, she went home.
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Sydney, Age 24 — ELIMINATED

Retail Marketing Manager from Birmingham, AL

Sydney didn't make a big splash on night one, and despite having gone to high school with Hannah Brown, her drama actually involved another contestant. According to Chris Harrison's contestant announcement video, she's the type of person who says whatever she's thinking, and that certainly tracks.
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Tammy, Age 24 — ELIMINATED

House Flipper from Syracuse, NY

Tammy's first claim to fame: She came in second place during the group date obstacle course where Kelley cheated and won alone time with Peter. She later said some not so nice things about her fellow contestants and was sent home.
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Victoria P., Age 27 — ELIMINATED

Nurse from Alexandria, LA

During the first episode, we got a lot from Victoria P.: The story of her traumatic past with her family, the story of her fear of the tea cup ride at amusement parks, and a sweet moment where Peter picked her flowers. Her connection with Peter eventually petered out, though.
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Mykenna, Age 22 — ELIMINATED

Fashion Blogger from Langley, BC, Canada

Mykenna screams Paradise. She got a ton of screen time. She's a good narrator. She's already an influencer. Expect to see her in Mexico for sure.
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Shiann, Age 27 — ELIMINATED

Administrative Assistant from Las Vegas, NV

Shiann set herself up to be the person who gets annoyed that she's not getting enough time with the Bachelor. She had run-ins with Hannah Ann and Kelley about them taking too much of his time, and neither of the conversations led anywhere. She seems like a possible Paradise wild card though.
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Lexi, Age 26 — ELIMINATED

Marketing Coordinator from New York, NY

Lexi had one of the coolest arrivals — no gimmicks, she just drove up in a cool old sports car. Redheads don't have a high success rate on this show, and unfortunately, that didn't change with Lexi.
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Savannah, Age 27 — ELIMINATED

Realtor from Houston, TX

Savannah is the one who blindfolded Peter after stepping out of the limo and kissed him. It was a bad move in the general sense — let people know they are going to be kissed so they can consent, people — but at least he didn't seem rattled by it. Still, she was sent home mid-season.

Kiarra, Age 23 — ELIMINATED

Nanny from Kennesaw, GA

If you ever forget who Kiarra is, just remember she's the one who arrived at the Bachelor Mansion stuffed inside a suitcase. She also left mid-season.
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Deandra, Age 23 — ELIMINATED

Home Care Coordinator from Plano, TX

Deandra showed up dressed as the infamous windmill. Based on this alone, she'll be a hit on Paradise.
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Alayah, Age 24 — ELIMINATED

Orthodontist Assistant from San Antonio, TX

Alayah was the one who showed up on night one with a letter from her grandma for Peter to read. A good, wholesome move, that involved nary a reference to windmill sex. Then things got very complicated for her and Peter sent her home.

Alexa, Age 27 — ELIMINATED

Esthetician from Chicago, IL

Alexa, you may recall, is the esthetician, who compared waxing to falling in love, because you have to bare all. Sure!
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Jasmine, Age 25 — ELIMINATED

Client Relations Manager from Plano, TX

Jasmine was one of the other women who referenced the windmill sex with her limo arrival: She said "I heard you did it four times in a windmill" in Vietnamese.
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Sarah, Age 24 — ELIMINATED

Medical Radiographer from Knoxville, TN

The stand-out part of Sarah's Bachelor bio is that she "loathes slugs." Other than that, she seems like a totally normal person, which meant she kind of escaped the Bachelor producers.
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Courtney, Age 26 — ELIMINATED

Cosmetologist from Venice, FL

Courtney's limo arrival involved riding in on that tiny plane and saying, "I'm going for the mile high club!"

Lauren, Age 26 — ELIMINATED

Marketing Executive from Glendale, CA

Shockingly, there's only one Lauren this season. She lives right near Peter in LA County, but that didn't change the outcome for her.
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Payton, Age 23 — ELIMINATED

Business Development Rep from Wellesley, MA

Payton's limo arrival involved her just exclaiming "Four times?!" at Peter. It's not the most subtle thing, but hey, it kept her around for a bit.
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