You Have 15 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What’s Worth Watching

It is difficult to think of a more packed Netflix premiere week than this one. 

Tiffany Haddish’s first-ever Netflix stand-up special made its grand entrance on Tuesday. Yesterday, December 5, saw the return of the streaming service’s Christmas movie crown jewel A Christmas Prince — time to welcome The Royal Baby! — and the debut of its Ian Somerlander vampire show. No, not The Vampire Diaries. We’re talking the all-new V Wars about, well, vampire wars. 


Today is arguably an even bigger day on Netflix. Friday, December 6 marks the unveiling of Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story, the internet giant’s other major awards season draw. Sketch series Astronomy Club, the beginning of Fuller House’s end, tons of foreign holiday content, and much, much more also premiere. 

We told you it was overwhelming.  

We’re here to help. These are all the new Netflix offerings broken down by plot, genre, and whether you should watch something immediately or skip for now. Keep reading for the lowdown on all of these Netflix treats, including their trailers.

Marriage Story

What is it?: Netflix’s other big piece of Oscars bait. 

What is it about?: As the name suggests, a marriage story. Or, more specifically, the story of that marriage’s dissolution. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson star in Marriage Story as Charlie and Nicole, two people who were once fiercely in love. Now, as parents, they’re breaking up and dealing with all the painful changes that come with it. 

The film, unlike other divorce movies, shows up both perspectives of the split without judging either party. That means you’ll have double the reason to tear up over Marriage Story’s 136-minute runtime. 

See or skip?: See. Not only is Marriage Story griping and an instant awards season darling, but it also gives its women more than seven lines

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Premiere date: Thursday, December 5

What is it?: Another reason to compare the lives of Queen Amber of Aldovia (Rose McIver) and Meghan Markle

What is it about?: Cementing A Christmas Prince’s status as the holiday mystery series. This year, Queen Amber and King Richard (Ben Lamb) must figure out who stole an ancient treaty between Aldovia and a neighboring country named Penglia. If the Aldovian royals don’t catch the thief before midnight on Christmas Day, their baby will be cursed forever. 

Oh yeah, Amber is very pregnant. Never forget that if Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex is doing it, so is Queen Amber. 

See or skip?: See with spiked eggnog for some holiday fun and please mind the shocking number of non-sequiturs from the formerly always-buttoned-up Mrs. Averill (Sarah Douglas).

V Wars (Season 1) 

Premiere date: Thursday, December 5

What is it?: Ian Somerhalder is dealing with vampires. Surprise! 

What is it about?: A story stunningly close to the cancelled FOX drama, The Passage. V Wars follows Somerhalder as Luther Swann, a hunky doctor tasked with figuring out why the world is falling into vampire virus chaos. 

V Wars ensures there are some deadly stakes for Luther that are more personal than “general vampire apocalypse.” Luther's very best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), is a bloodsucker himself — and only becoming more powerful. 

See or skip?: If you want a rollicking good time with the man formerly known as Damon Salvatore, watch. If you are looking for a serious meditation on the end of the world, please skip.

Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah

Premiere date: Tuesday, December 3

What is it?: Tiffany Haddish’s first Netflix special. 

What is it about?: The ins and outs of being Tiffany Haddish. The standup comedian opens the show with a vibrant reminder she is Jewish and keeps things running from there. Come for Haddish’s detailed explanation for her trainwreck 2018 New Year’s Eve show and stay for her impression of a lazy stripper. 

See or skip?: Black Mitzvah is Tiffany Haddish at her best — see.

Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show (Season 1) 

What is it?: TV’s second major Black-led sketch series of 2019. 

What is it about?: A million different things — that’s the point of sketch comedy. The spine of Astronomy Club revolves around the goings-on of the Astronomy Club Clubhouse, where members of the sketch team are forced to live together. The Real World-style hijinks are obviously sketches themselves. 

“Execlitive,” about a must-have product for “Boss Ladies” is destined to be Twitter’s favorite sketch. However, some other stand-out set pieces include an uncomfortable family conversation about porn and an impossible-to-win game show. 

See or skip?: See. That Astronomy Club’s episodes are all 23-minutes-or-fewer, with some coming at just 18 minutes, is possibly why I finished the entire six-installment season in an afternoon. 

The Confession Killer (Season 1) 

What is it?: Netflix’s newest true crime docuseries

What is it about?: The suspicious case of Henry Lee Lucas, a man who confessed to hundreds of unsolved murders in the 1980s. Confession Killer aims to figure out if Lucas committed his laundry list of crimes or if he lied and why he would admit to so many. 

Is it possible Lucas is covering up a bigger conspiracy? Or, did he murder 600 people?

See or skip?: If you’ve loved every other true crime series Netflix has churned out this year, add Killer to your queue ASAP. Otherwise, skip and sleep at night.

Glow Up (Season 1) 

What is it?: America’s Next Top Model, but British and about makeup artists. 

What is it about?: Watching expert MUAs go up against each other to find out who will reign supreme. While an American version of this premise would be 200% cutthroat, Glow Up is purposefully soft at times. Contests hug and cry together amid mounting competition. 

See or skip?: If series like ANTM, Skin Wars, and Project Runway are old favorites, you need to see Glow Up.

Three Days of Christmas (Season 1) 

What is it?: A Spanish-language Christmas drama. 

What is it about?: Four sisters who are going through three important Christmases over their lives. Like fellow foreign-language Netflix series Holiday Secrets, Three Days jumps through time to uncover the secrets of one drama-prone and highly emotional family. Loaded glances by the Christmas tree inevitably follow. 

See or skip?: See if you’re hungry for holiday programming, but Christmas Prince-style cheese isn’t your flavor.

Home for Christmas (Season 1) 

Premiere date: Thursday, December 5

What is it?: More international holiday content — this time from Norway.  

What is it about?: A woman who lies to her family about having a boyfriend. Rather than come clean, Johanne (Ida Elise Broch) embarks on a 24-day sprint to find a guy to bring home for Christmas. Home for Christmas is made to celebrate the search for love just as much as the actual relationship Johanne may find at the end of her romantic adventure. 

See or skip?: This one is for every single person out there who is tired of explaining their “self-partnered” status over the holidays. Enjoy.

Magic for Humans (Season 2) 

Premiere date: Wednesday, December 4

What is it?: Proof that magician Justin Willman is probably an IRL wizard. 

What is it about?: Giving viewers another season of shock-and-awe from Willman’s live magic tricks with unsuspecting participants. Willman turns stacks of cards into blocks of ice, magics the Pope onto a condom, and catches a deadly projectile snowball in his teeth over the course of Magic's second season.

See or skip?: Willman’s tricks are so mind-boggling they may almost make you angry. If you’ll spend Magic For Humans trying to figure out the magic rather than just enjoying it, then skip.

Otherwise, gasp along with the rest of us. 

Let's Dance

Premiere date: Wednesday, December 4

What is it?: A French-language dance drama that sounds a lot like Step Up

What is it about?: A sexy French hip hop dancer named Joseph (Rayane Bensetti), who is forced to teach ballet after his dance crew breaks up. Inevitably, Joseph falls for Chloe (Alexia Giordano), a talented ballerina in his class. Joseph could have it all, but will his insecurities ruin everything? 

See or skip?: See on a Friday night when you’re missing the thrill of watching old-school Channing Tatum. Let's Dance will revive that feeling for you.

Triad Princess (Season 1) 

What is it?: A Mandarin-language romantic dramedy. 

What is it about?: What happens when you’re forced to spend time with your celebrity crush. Ni An Qi (Eugenie Liu) is the daughter of a crime boss (and goes by Angie). Xu Yi Hang (Xu Yi Hang) is a dreamy TV star. When they’re thrown together as bodyguard and client, sparks fly. 

If only Angie’s dangerous familial ties didn’t doom this love story from the very beginning. 

See or skip?: If you’ve already watched Notting Hill on HBO Go 30 times, see Triad Princess. Both projects are essentially a Thirst Aid Kit fan fiction drabble blown up to epic proportions.

The Chosen One (Season 2) 

What is it?: The continuation of a Brazilian-Portuguese fantasy thriller. 

What is it about?: Doctor Lúcia Santeiro (Paloma Bernardi) heads to a remote village with her colleagues to vaccinate a mysterious town against the Zicca virus. Soon, she is trapped in a massive supernatural mystery centered around The Chosen One (Renan Tenca), a man who is curing his followers through supposedly celestial means.

Season 2 proves Lúcia still isn’t out of the gripes of this cultish (or religious?) turmoil. 

See or skip?: If you’ve always wondered how the world would react if a Jesus-like figure appeared in the modern era, see. Otherwise, you can skip.

The First Temptation of Christ

Premiere date: Tuesday, December 3

What is it?: A Brazillian-Portuguese parody of Jesus’ life, just in time for his birthday. 

What is it about?: Jesus, when he returned from the desert to find his calling. In Temptation, Jesus was immediately informed he is the son of God and destined for greatness. A man loses an arm, God tries to seduce Mary, and Lucifer also wears one of the worst wigs in TV history. 

See or skip?: You can skip this one without guilt.

Fuller House (Season 5, Part A) 

What is it?: Starting to close up the Tanner's townhouse. Again. 

What is it about?: Saying goodbye to Fuller House, as the series will end with its fifth season. This set of episodes marks the first half of that farewell run. Get ready for a brand new baby to hit the already-packed Tanner home. 

See or skip?: Oh Mylantayou already know if you’re A Fuller House Person.
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