Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories Is Officially Here — & There Are A Few Surprises

Two months ago, Lady Gaga announced that her first beauty brand, Haus Laboratories, would officially launch this fall. To tease the brand's innovations, Gaga dropped six curated makeup kits of her products — including the Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer, RIP Lip Liners, and Le Riot Lip Glosses — on Amazon Prime Day, offering fans the chance to get their hands on Gaga-approved makeup early. Shortly after, the limited-edition kits disappeared, making the products an enigma again until the official launch date: September 17.

As of today, you can purchase everything from Haus Laboratories, including three never-before-seen eye products. Introducing Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner, Eye Armor Kit, and Armor Masque No. 1. The three products were a secret until today — what is Gaga without a little shock value, right? — but totally worth the wait (think: edgy matte liner and foolproof face stickers). As if you needed even more incentive to opt into the latest launches, at least two of the innovations were developed in collaboration with the Euphoria-favorite beauty brand Face Lace, so your dream of copying Jules' avant-garde makeup looks might actually come true.


Lucky for Little Monsters everywhere, we got the inside scoop from Sarah Tanno, Gaga's long-time makeup artist and Haus Laboratories' global artistry director. Ahead, she explains everything you need to know about the "Gaga-proof" eye products that are available now on both Haus Laboratories' brand site and Amazon.

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Haus Laboratories Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner

Gaga may not have a signature makeup look, but she's almost always wearing liquid eyeliner. So, of course, Tanno and Gaga set out to create one of their own. Instead of the usual glossy formulas out there, Gaga wanted something very matte, black, waterproof, and "Gaga-proof." Tanno says her rule of thumb for product development is trying it out on Gaga while she's performing. "If it lasts through one of her shows, then it's passed the ultimate test," confirms Tanno.

Another key component of the eyeliner is the fine felt tip, something Tanno says was crucial for Gaga. "[A really fine tip] is something she loves when she's working with her own eyeliner," she explains.
Haus Laboratories Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner$20.00 Buy

Haus Laboratories Eye Armor Kit

Let's be real: Not everyone can create the perfect cat-eye — not even Gaga. So, Tanno and Gaga created winged liner stickers that do all the heavy lifting for you. The kit includes 10 pairs of wings (they're deceivingly opaque on one side, like real eyeliner ink, but sticky with reusable adhesive on the other) and an Eye-Lie-Ner pen. Add the winged sticker to the outer corner of your lid, use the pen to connect the edge of the sticker to the rest of your upper lashline, and you have perfect liner in seconds. "It's a functional and easy way to do [your eyeliner]," confirms Tanno.

There are two flick shapes available (five pairs in each kit); one is thicker and shorter, while the other is thinner and longer. Better still, each sticker has a curved base to make them more comfortable on the face when you open and close your eyes. As for application, Tanno suggests looking straight ahead in the mirror, that way you can decide exactly where you prefer your winged flick.

The idea of sticker makeup initially came years ago, when Tanno was developing new makeup looks for Gaga's tour. "For a while, I was using sticker embellishments on tour because I had to do quick-change makeup looks backstage," Tanno says. "I hated the way it looked when I had to do it really fast because I couldn't have precise lines." So, she reached out to Face Lace founder Phyllis Cohen to develop something that would last through the backstage makeup changes and onstage sweat. "Phyllis helped me design all of these cool eyeliner and eyebrow shapes," says Tanno. "That really became our thing through the whole tour — and that went right into the Super Bowl." By February 2017, Gaga was flying into Houston's NRG Stadium, rocking a face of rhinestone decals — which would later inspire another launch...
Haus Laboratories Eye Armor Kit$35.00 Buy

Haus Laboratories Armor Masque No. 1

Meet Gaga's Armor Masque No. 1, a stick-it-and-go eye decal that mimics the exact look she wore while performing at the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show — but it's a little lacier and a little sexier. "It was important to Gaga to not only bring [that look] to the consumer but make it something that could be done quickly," explains Tanno, hence the sticker technology.

Armor Masque No. 1 is split into four pieces to customize a look that works for you. "I wanted it to be in four pieces because everyone has different eye and face shapes," says Tanno. "This way you can either wear the top or bottom pieces separately, or wear all four pieces together."

She adds that you can reuse the product several times, depending on how much makeup is worn underneath (the more makeup you wear beneath the stickers, the less effective the adhesive becomes). If all else fails, Tanno suggests using eyelash glue to get another life out of each sticker. In other words, it's a perfect illusion...
Haus Laboratories Armor Masque No. 1$25.00 Buy
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