The Full, Confirmed 2019 Bachelor In Paradise Cast List

UPDATE: This story was originally published on June 3, 2019.

What’s better than watching The Bachelor? Sitting down to The Bachelorette. And what’s better than a season of The Bachelorette? An admittedly short season of Bachelor In Paradise. BIP started as a way for ABC to fill time between seasons of Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor, and now, it’s arguably Bachelor Nation’s most interesting and entertaining show. On Bachelor In Paradise, there’s no pretense — the contestants just show up, and they’re let loose in “paradise,” a.k.a. a beach in Mexico. It’s kind of like Avengers: Infinity War, if the group were trying to find love and not Thanos. Full-on mayhem. And so, as summer temperatures heat up and the Bachelorette charges on, that leads Bachelor In Paradise fans to the most important question of the year: who will be on Bachelor In Paradise in 2019?


As of now, we know quite a few people (and one bartender) who'll be spending summer on the beach. Beyond that, the contestants who are most likely to turn up on Bachelor In Paradise are the contestants from the most recent seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. They’re freshest in the public’s minds, and they’re still ripe and ready to be on film for another six weeks. While ABC hasn't announced the full list of Bachelor In Paradise contestants for 2019, here's who's absolutely confirmed for Bachelor in Paradise 2019, according to Good Morning America, and the trailers released during The Bachelorette.

We will update this story as more cast members join Bachelor in Paradise throughout the season.

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Demi Burnett From Colton's Bachelor Season

Chris Harrison told Demi on Colton’s Women Tell All that we would be seeing her again “somewhere.” That “somewhere” is definitely in a hut on a beach while Wells Adams serves her a drink. And after seeing her go from thorn-in-everyone's-side to heartbroken sweetheart on Colton's season, to one of Hannah's Angels on the latest season of The Bachelorette, Demi is not only a slam-dunk choice for Bachelor In Paradise, she's potentially the next queen of the beach.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

John Paul Jones From Hannah's Bachelorette Season

This guy — who should be referred to only as John Paul Jones — was on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette, and he rides a unicycle. According to his profile, he dreams about his wedding and he has an existential crisis about the meaning of life on the reg. Plus, he's got personality for days. He’s practically made for Paradise.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes From Colton's Bachelor Season

While Caelynn said she was not interested in being the Bachelorette, she did tell the staff of Ellen (on their web series), that she'd "maybe" do Bachelor in Paradise. Colton broke her heart into a million little pieces, and she and new Bachelorette Hannah mended their feud from their pageant days — she needs more time on television! Plus, she has perfectly beachy hair, so she’ll always be camera-ready in that humidity.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Onyeka Ehie From Colton's Bachelor Season

Oneyka is fun, beautiful, and not afraid to speak her mind — remember her sparring match with Nicole? The one they had in front of Colton, and God, and everyone else? She does not back down and like most contestants who get tangled up in drama on the flagship Bachelor franchise shows, she's probably looking to carve out a new narrative in Paradise, which means she's a great pick for more time on our TVs.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Hannah Godwin From Colton's Bachelor Season

Those eyes! That hair! That broken heart that Colton left her with! Honestly, all of Colton’s final three deserve get a do-over on Bachelor In Paradise, because he really did them dirty by jumping a fence and not allowing them a say in their own relationships. #JusticeForHannah. She was just there, alone, writing in her diary, while Colton was confessing his love to Cassie. It wasn’t fair, but now, she has a chance for a do-over.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Tayshia Adams From Colton's Bachelor Season

Tayshia is a radiant beam of sunshine, and she should be on America’s collective television yet again. She's rightfully getting another shot at love (after she wasn't made Bachelorette, to many fans' disappointment) — a love that’s better than what Colton could give her.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Cam Ayala From Hannah's Bachelorette Season

Cam and Hannah weren’t a great match, mostly because he tried to do the most and he needed to do, uh, a lot less when it came to trying to win her heart. His behavior, and his catchphrase ("Always Be Cam") are basically a BIP audition in and of themselves. Personally, I think Cam is too extreme for real-life dating, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be great to watch all summer long on Bachelor In Paradise.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Bibiana Julian From Ari's Bachelor Season, Paradise Season 5 & Winter Games

Never forget the time Bibiana called out Peter Krause on Twitter, or the time she chose herself over pairing up on Bachelor: Winter Games, or any time she said basically anything on our TVs. We stan Bibi and her return to Paradise!
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Blake Horstmann From Becca's Bachelorette Season

Blake from Becca's Bachelorette season on the beach in Mexico? Um, yes. Bring. it. on. Blake was the guy Bachelorette fans wanted Becca to choose, and when he wasn't chosen as the Bachelor, many devotees were, well, bummed. Now, he's going to Paradise, and as long as he doesn't break a bunch of hearts (a.k.a. pull a Dean Unglert), fans' dreams of Blake the Bachelor might still be alive (it worked for Colton Underwood and Nick Viall!).
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Clay Harbor from Becca's Bachelorette Season

This guy was also on Becca's season and he seems nice enough. He didn't last all that long on his first outing in Bachelor Nation, so he sort of has a clean slate walking onto that fateful beach in Mexico. Don't mess it up and welcome to Paradise, Clay!
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar From Colton's Bachelor Season

Sure, she was at the center of one of Colton's season's biggest fights, but Nicole also had plenty of fans in Bachelor Nation when she took the stage at the Women Tell All. The girl got her own #sponcon moment with all that Halo Top during the special episode, so of course she was always going to Paradise.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Wells Adams (As The Bartender)

I think we all knew in our hearts that Wells would be back, but now we can rest easy that he will be around to tease, advise, and giggle at the contestants as they choose their romantic targets on the beach. And if we're lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it), he'll do another puppet show with scallops on his fingers! But reminder: there will be no surprise kisses from the bartender this season — Wells is dating Modern Family's Sarah Hyland.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Kevin Fortenberry From Hannah's Bachelorette Season

He just got the boot from Hannah's season before we knew all that much about him, but he seems nice, likes Harry Potter, and seems to really like taking his shirt off. He's perfect for Paradise!
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Wills Reid From Becca's Bachelorette Season & Paradise

He'll be back in Paradise to serve looks like these after shooting his shot last year, on season 5. While some fans wanted him to be the Bachelor, a turn on Paradise is never a bad option when you're looking for love (just look at Evan & Carly or Jade & Tanner!).
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Katie Morton From Colton's Bachelor Season

She knows how to stir up drama after Colton's season, during which she famously tattled on Cassie and Caelynn for talking about the possibility that one of them would be the Bachelorette if they didn't end up with Colton. But, she also showed she can be a real pal to Hannah by joining Demi as one of Hannah's Angels on the Bachelorette season premiere. So this could be a wild ride, or a romantic one — it's all up to how Katie plays her cards.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Derek Peth From Jojo's Bachelorette Season & Paradise Season 4

After his heart was broken by Jojo Fletcher, he and Taylor Nolan fell in love at the beach. But spoiler: Derek and Taylor recently called it quits, so he's going back to Paradise to (hopefully) use that Jim Halpert charm on someone new.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Chris Bukowski From... Like Every Season Of The Bachelorette & Paradise

Bukowski first showed up on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette, then he arrived on Bachelor in Paradise predecessor Bachelor Pad. After that, he attempted to crash Andi Dorfman's limo night and failed before going on Bachelor in Paradise two times (his season 1 time ended with a knee injury and his second visit found him leaving almost immediately). This guy always finds his way back to Bachelor Nation, doesn't he?
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Sydney Lotuaco From Colton's Bachelor Season

She left Colton's season on her own and of her own free will, because she knows what she wants. Sydney was also one of many women to warn Colton about Cassie and Caelynn, who she and many others believed weren't mature enough to commit to him. Now, she'll hopefully find a story that doesn't involve Colton.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Annaliese Puccini From Ari's Bachelor Season & Paradise

She got knocked down so many times in Paradise last season — between relationships falling apart early on and the time Kamil dumped her in front of a studio audience on national television (the NERVE of that guy), but she's back. And if all goes well, she will find someone who treats her well this time. Someone give this girl a sincere rose, please!
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Jane Averbukh From Colton's Bachelor Season

She wasn't on Colton's season for long (she was eliminated in Week 1!), but now's our chance to actually get to know her, like we have with so many other early castoffs (Brett of Lamp fame, anyone?).
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Dylan Barbour From Hannah's Bachelorette Season

Though he wasn't all over the latest trailer, Dylan popped up among the official ABC portraits for Bachelor In Paradise on July 15. He seemed like a sweet, mostly quiet guy on Hannah's season, but maybe Paradise will bring him out his shell.

Kristina Schulman From Nick's Bachelor Season & Bachelor In Paradise

She's back and we're willing to bet she's looking for anyone but Dean. Unfortunately, it looks like she is into Blake, who is pictured making out with numerous women in the extended Bachelor In Paradise season 6 trailer. Protect your heart, Kristina!
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Mike Johnson From Hannah's Bachelorette Season

Surprise! Mike shows up in the new trailer, but don't be alarmed: That doesn't actually dash his Bachelor chances. In fact, it kind of strengthens them as both Colton Underwood and Nick Viall were on Paradise before becoming The Bachelor.

Jordan Kimball From Becca's Bachelorette Season & Bachelor In Paradise

As confirmed by the new BIP trailer, Jordan will also return to the beach to look for a new queen after his relationship with Jenna from season 5 turned into a genuinely dramatic breakup. He'll be bringing his one-of-a-kind one-liners and hopefully that sweet side we saw last season, too.

Hayley Ferguson From Ben's Bachelor Season & BIP

Also confirmed in the new trailer is the return of a Paradise staple: Hayley Ferguson. It looks like she's up to their usual antics (sans her twin, Emily), but who knows, maybe she'll surprise us this time.

Luke Stone From Hannah's Bachelorette Season

Another confirmation from the Bachelor in Paradise trailer is Luke S., aka the guy who got Luke P. to make the Arthur fist around mid-season on this year's Bachelorette. Not sure why he'd get back into the chaos, but I suppose nothing could be worse than facing off with Luke P., so it's all uphill from here.

Dean Unglert From Rachel's Bachelorette Season & Bachelor In Paradise

Dean is probably pretty glad that the heat seems to be on a few other dudes at the beach this year. We're just happy he decided to bring along his new mustache for the ride.

Chris Harrison, The Most Dramatic Host Ever

It wouldn't be summer at the beach without good ol' Chris telling people when to hand out roses and terrifying anyone with a dry-cleaning bill as he drinks that strawberry daiquiri in the pool.

Christian Estrada From Becca's Bachelorette Season

If you don't remember Christian, that's probably because he went home on limo night. Some fast facts: He's an ex semi-pro soccer player and he moved to the U.S. from Mexico at age 3.

Tahzjuan Hawkins From Colton's Bachelor Season

Another semi-familiar face is that of Tahzjuan, who didn't have much time to make an impression and was eliminated on night one. We don't know much about her, but hopefully she'll be able to make a bit stronger impression on her second round in Bachelor Nation.

Jen Saviano From Ben's Bachelor Season & BIP

Jen made it about halfway through Ben's season and walked away looking like a nice gal who got away. Afterward, she jetted to Paradise, where she started romancing then-future Bachelor Nick Viall, who dumped her on the beach and went on to star on the franchise's flagship series. We've officially seen her in a preview as of Aug. 19.

Caitlin Clemmens From Colton's Bachelor Season

Don't confuse her with Caelynn, though they both starred on Colton's Bachelor season and have similar tastes in hair styles. She only made it to week three on season 23 and is back to hopefully find someone more suited to her than Colton was.

Chase McNary From Jojo's Bachelorette Season

Chase was a finalist on Jojo's Bachelorette season, but he lost out to Jojo's now fiance (and Fixer Upper-style TV show co-host) Jordan Rodgers. He was pretty hurt at the time, but now that he's healed, he's hoping for romance on the beach.

Matt Donald From Hannah's Bachelorette Season

Gone, but not forgotten, sweet Matt Donald started out Hannah's season on a high note, helping everyone remember his name by singing it to the tune of "Old MacDonald." Hopefully, we get to know him better in Paradise.

Connor Saeli From Hannah's Bachelorette Season

Sweet, sweet Connor. He was a little too passive when he was hoping to woo Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette, and as a result he was sent home. But he's a gem! Don't sleep on him, Paradise ladies!

Angela Amezcua From Nick's Bachelor Season & BIP

Oh man, oh man. Angela got her heart broken last season on Bachelor In Paradise, when Eric Bigger ended their relationship. This season, her ex is on the beach (Clay), so there's sure to be drama.

Revian Chang From Colton's Bachelor Season

She didn't get to stick around for long on Colton's season, being eliminated on night one. Now, Revian is back and hoping to make a stronger impression. Fun fact: Her hair was blonde on The Bachelor.

Brianna "Bri" Barnes From Colton's Bachelor Season

Bri made it to week three on Colton's season, but was eventually sent home. In real life, she's a model, so she's sure to draw some attention on that beach in Mexico.

Whitney Fransway From Nick's Bachelor Season

You might remember Whitney as the kind woman on Nick Viall's Bachelor season who was unceremoniously dumped on the beach during the second two-on-one date during Nick's season. Apparently, that moment didn't ruin her view of beach-bound dating, because she's at it again.
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