Let's Figure Out Who's Going To Paradise From Colton's Bachelor Season

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At the end of every season of The Bachelor, there are certain questions that fans always ask. Who will win? Who’s the next Bachelorette? And which of Colton Underwood’s contestants will be on Bachelor in Paradise? This week, a lot of those questions will finally be answered, and although the full Bachelor in Paradise cast list probably won’t be announced quite yet, there are more than enough clues floating around about who we might be able to expect on the beach this summer.
As far as contestant drama goes, this season has been kind of a goldmine, and that works out pretty well for the Bachelor In Paradise producers, because that means they've got a slate of potential beachy contestants who'll stir things up. This is, of course, good news for fans, too, because that means there’s the potential for a really fun season of great TV ahead… especially if the next season of The Bachelorette includes a crop of entertaining dudes, too. Nothing’s for sure until ABC announces their final decisions later this year, but there are a few extremely solid reasons that we will see at least a handful of these ladies from Colton's season:
Demi, Who's Already Been (Sort Of) Invited
If Demi isn’t a shoo-in for BiP, who is? From the moment she was introduced on The Bachelor, Demi was all personality, and it only got better from there. From the way she fearlessly snagged all the one-on-one time she could get with Colton, the bonds she made with the other women on the show, and the hilarious commentary she provided, she was made for Paradise. Plus, Chris Harrison already said on Women Tell All that we'd be seeing her again.
Caelynn, Who Said She Might Be Interested
Caelynn’s drummed up a ton of buzz this season, and not just because of her feud with Hannah B. There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not she’s been on the show for the right reasons, so maybe if she was on BiP, that debate could be settled for once and for all. Plus, while she's said she has no interest in being the Bachelorette, she did note she might be up for a little Paradise.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Nicole, Who's A Fan Favorite
People love Nicole, even if she didn’t end up being the one Colton chose… and even if Onyeka wasn’t crazy about her, either. But after seeing Women Tell All — and how Chris gifted her with all of that Halo Top — it’s pretty clear that the producers think a lot of her, so don’t be surprised if you see her on Paradise.
Kirpa, Who's A Trooper
Kirpa has been through it this season — she scraped her chin and had to get stitches, she didn’t seem to get much on camera time or individual time with Colton… it seems like the best way to make this up to her would be a stint on BiP, yes? And hopefully, this go-around would include fewer injuries for her.
Courtney, Who Comes Prepared With One-Liners & Props In Tough Conversations
Speaking of the way Women Tell All went down… if Courtney was gunning for a spot on Paradise, her WTA appearance definitely sealed it. She and Demi had a lot of beef on The Bachelor this season, but seeing their (totally rehearsed) fight was near proof that we’ll probably see both of them on the spinoff this summer.
Katie, Who Spent All Of Women Tell All Campaigning For A Spot
Katie was the talk of The Bachelor after she opened Colton’s eyes to the fact that not everyone was there was there for the right reasons. On Women Tell All, she doubled down and started naming names. She seems like a great candidate for being the one who keeps it real in Mexico. Every season needs someone like that.
Whoever ends up on the beach this summer, Bachelor in Paradise definitely has the potential to be amazing — even if it’s still several months (and one whole season of The Bachelorette) away.

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