Did Chris Harrison Just Invite Demi To Bachelor In Paradise?

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Demi was basically born for The Bachelor's spinoff show Bachelor in Paradise. She's quick with one liners, unabashedly herself, and not afraid to shake things up. And Chris Harrison all but confirmed at the Women Tell All that Demi will be going on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. "You’re definitely a fun spirit to have," he said. "Something tells me we’ll probably see you again somewhere." Demi gave a knowing smile, which made it seem like that "somewhere" will be Mexico for BiP filming.
Before Harrison's big hint, Demi had been talking about how going on the show had helped her open up even more, and be vulnerable with Colton about personal things like her mother going to prison. She said that her mom, who is out now, has been watching the show and was so proud of her daughter. And Demi was pretty proud of what she took away from the show too. "It opened me up to like who I am even more. It showed me that it’s okay to be Demi," she said, adding, "I know who I am and I know that I’m a badass. And there are amazing guys out there and I will find someone one day."
One day may come sooner than she thinks, because, while Bachelor in Paradise doesn't usually air until August, it starts filming long before that. According to PopSugar, the show typically films throughout the month of June. And it happens in an even shorter time span than The Bachelor and Bachelorette. The main shows take about eight weeks to film, whereas BiP happens in three to four. But even though the timeline is super condensed, it actually has a pretty good success rate for lasting couples.
From the five seasons of the show, four couples are still together. Jade and Tanner got married after their season and are expecting their second child. Carly and Evan also recently got married and have one kid together. Raven and Adam recently moved in together. And Krystal and Chris are engaged and planning their lives together.
Unlike The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise has a pretty loose format. You're basically just hanging out with the other cast members all day, so there's a lot of time to get to know people. And that seems to lead to lasting romance. If Demi finds someone on Paradise that she's interested in, it could end with her getting engaged like she wanted to on The Bachelor. Even though she's younger than most contestants, Demi was up front about how she was ready for love and marriage and the vulnerability that comes with that. Now that she's almost certainly going on BiP, it's time she finds her very own Colton who loves Demi for exactly who she is, because who she is is pretty dang awesome. Paradise, and any guy there, would be lucky to have her.

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