Oscar Nominees Will Receive $35,000 Worth Of Vacations In Their Swag Bags This Year

Every year, during the Academy Awards, we find ourselves crying with joy when we hear moving acceptance speeches or we well up when we spot the gracious loser face on the nominees who don't get to take home a statue after all. But, as it turns out, every single nominee in the acting and directing categories goes home a winner thanks to the annual swag bags that come with an invite. According to USA Today, a marketing company called Distinctive Assets has been giving away extravagant gifts to the nominees in these Oscar categories for the past 16 years. This year, each grab bag of goodies is worth at least $100,000, and it includes four luxurious vacations.

It may seem ironic that some of Hollywood's highest paid actors and directors are getting free trips to destinations we can only dream of visiting. And, yet, we still wanted to know every detail about the various adventures that will be included in 2018's "Everyone Wins" gift bag from Distinctive Assets. USA Today reported that the gifts included a 12-night Tanzania trip for two from International Expeditions; a 7-day Hawaiian vacation at Koloa Landing Resort in Poipu, Hawaii; a stay at Avaton Luxury Villas in Halkidiki, Greece; and a week-long spa retreat at Golden Door in southern California. That's at least a month's worth of vacation.

We did some digging to find out just how extravagant these vacations are, and it should come as no surprise that our findings showed that each one of these trips is quite lavish. Now that we've got the details, we might not shed quite as many tears for the losing actors or directors during the Oscars this Sunday. They may not receive a $629 gold-plated Oscar statue, but they're about to get over $35,000 worth of relaxing vacations to help them cope with their loss.

Starting closest to Los Angeles, where many nominees probably have at least one of their homes, is the week-long spa retreat to Golden Door Resort in San Marco, CA. According to Golden Door's website, with this 7-day all-inclusive package, stars will get a detailed skin analysis and personalized treatment recommendations, five skin care sessions and one body treatment, daily in-room massages, two herbal wraps, a manicure and pedicure, and a deep conditioning or a shampoo and finish. The package is worth $8,850.
The Koloa Landing Resort in Poipu, Hawaii offers equally fancy amenities like a day spa, three pools, and multiple dining options. Prices for a week-long stay at the resort range depending on which type of rental is booked and when. At the lowest end, staying in a deluxe studio costs around $350 a night, while a three-bedroom luxury villa costs around $900 per night. If we assume the Oscar noms are getting the biggest rentals, the gift from Koloa Landing Resort could be worth around $6,300.
For celebs who didn't relax enough on the trip to Hawaii or at the week-long spa retreat, there's also the getaway to Avaton Luxury Villa Resort in Greece. The cheapest accommodations at the resort is the Panorama Suite, which starts at around $500 a night. The most extravagant lodging is in the Presidential Suite with private pool and garden, and staying there can cost over $1,000 a night. We were already jealous of Saoirse Ronan's red carpet looks, but now we really wish we could be her (or at least the bestie she brings to Greece).
The gift bags also include a 12-night adventure in Tanzania for two through International Expeditions. According to the International Expeditions website, this 12-night package will include safaris, horseback riding, and nights spent at the Serengeti Migration Camp, one of the most highly rated hotels in the world. The price for this package is — prepare yourselves — $9,328 per person. Since the gift is a trip for two, it's worth $18,656.
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