Here's How To Take A Vacation Inspired By The Bachelor Winter Games

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

ABC's The Bachelor has one of television's most devoted fan bases. Members of Bachelor Nation are so loyal to the show that they routinely sit through two hours per week, tune in for any Chris Harrison-hosted special, and watch the show's many spin-offs. The show's newest franchise is giving those fans something in return for their loyalty: a potential vacation destination.

The Bachelor Winter Games, which premiered last week, differs from The Bachelor and Bachelorette because contestants compete for love while also competing in actual winter sports events. All of the singles are housed together in a gorgeous location, and unlike the Bachelor Mansion, this location is one that you can actually visit.

The show was shot at the Hermitage Club at Haystack Mountain in southern Vermont, which is a private residential community and luxury retreat. A Hermitage Club spokesperson told Refinery29 that the show was filmed there thanks to one very devoted Bachelor fan. "Our outside sales consultant, Lauren Roth, is a huge fan, and she reached out to connect with people she knew in production and was able to secure the show. She was ecstatic that they chose to film here."

The Hermitage Club's 1,400-acre enclave is home to several different inns and rental properties, and while all of them seem to offer views and lavish amenities, only four of them housed the Bachelor Winter Games contestants. According to the spokesperson, the bachelors and bachelorettes stayed in the Hermitage Inn, which has 15 rooms and the White House Inn, which has 17. They also stayed at the Stag's Leap rental properties, which offer easy access to the ski slopes and features like game rooms and — a Bachelor-must — hot tubs.

Though lodging in some of the Hermitage's Club's accommodations is reserved for members, the Stag's Leap properties are available for rent and as the spokesperson explained, "Fans can also stay in the beautiful, historic Hermitage Inn." The Stag's Leap rentals can sleep up to 20 people, which makes it ideal for a getaway with large group of friends. If it's just you and your Bachelor-obsessed BFF, however, a queen-sized bed and fireplace in the Hermitage Inn goes for around $195 a night, depending on when you book.

If you're already sold on the idea of recreating the Bachelor Winter Games at the Hermitage Club for your next vacation, but are wondering what the chances are that you'll spot another season of the show being shot, the answer is, unfortunately, it's not promising. For one thing, we don't even know if there will be another season of this particular Bachelor spin-off since it was created to coincide with the Winter Olympics. Additionally, the spokesperson told us that most of the filming was scheduled for when club members and visitors were not present. "Our goal was to keep the experience as non-disruptive to our members as possible." Still, that doesn't mean there's no hope. One or more of the contestants could always decide to go back for their own private getaway. So, who knows, maybe you'll run into Ally Thompson on the slopes.

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