Where Have These Mini Deodorants Been All Our Lives?

Deodorant isn't the sexiest beauty product in the world, and sneaking a swipe of it at your office desk is just about as discrete as catching an emergency whiff of your underarm. Thankfully, there's now a solution that we can't believe no one thought of sooner: Secret Freshies, the world's first miniature, sphere-shaped deodorant. The tiny ball — which looks a little like our favorite lip balms — makes applying deodorant on-the-go (and in general) way easier.

Janine Miletic, marketing director at P&G, tells Refinery29 that in addition to consumer feedback about wanting a more transportable stick, the inspiration also came from female customers telling the brand that it was too difficult to shove a normal-sized deodorant underneath their shirts or around their necklines. You're preaching to the choir, sister.


The four new Freshies from Secret are the exact same formulas as the brand's classic sticks, but fit as comfortably in a gym bag or clutch as your favorite lip balm. Just make sure you don't mix up the two...

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Secret Freshies in Chill Ocean, $4.99, available in March at mass retailers.
Secret Freshies in Cool Waterlily, $4.99, available in March at mass retailers.
Secret Freshies in Luxe Lavendar, $4.99, available in March at mass retailers.
Secret Freshies in Paris Rose, $4.99, available in March at mass retailers.
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