20 Rainbow Tattoos That Are Loud & Proud For Pride

June marks the official start to Pride, the month-long celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. While Pride doesn’t start or stop in June, this month gives it an added boost. We’re all for taking a stand against discrimination toward the LGBTQ+ community, this month and beyond, which is why we’re so here for rainbow tattoos that show pride all day, every day.

The colorful flag that represents the LGBTQ+ community is one known by activists and allies alike. Created by Gilbert Baker in 1970, the rainbow flag was meant to be a symbol of positivity and love for queer people. While it’s not the only symbol for the LGBTQ+ community, it is one of the most iconic, which makes it the perfect design to add to your growing tattoo collection — and it holds the kind of meaning goes that without saying.


Ahead, 20 Pride tattoos we love.

Rainbow streaks look cooler than any color swatch we’ve seen, while still letting the world know you’re proud of who you are.
The same goes for this subtle wrist decor, which looks rad, thanks to its minimalistic take.
On its own, the equal sign represents equality. Combined with rainbow colors, this tat holds double meaning.
We’re into a classic rainbow, whether or not there’s a pot of gold at the end.
Find happiness in safe spaces during Pride — whether that's at a parade in your city or art exhibition.
This is one way to show the love.
Honoring the Pulse tragedy, this tat reminds us that love will always win.
Midi rings have never looked better.
This gradient line might be thin, but we love how bold it actually looks.
Mini rainbows bring the fun to your classic arm cuff.
The classic color wheel gets a whole new meaning.
With this tattoo combo, you’re getting three for the price of one — equality, love, and so much pride.
If you're looking for a new neck tattoo...
Thin, but packed with color, this looks like the perfect first tattoo to us.
When your minimalist aesthetic calls for something fine-lined and simple.
But being straightforward and bold with your ink is cool, too.
Watercolor tattoos are the perfect way to show your pride.
It may not last as long as your other tattoos just because of the nature of the ink, but painting the rainbow in watercolor is far too pretty to pass up.
Looking for something completely unique? Bring in your own artwork for inspiration.
Skip the latest piercing trend for a tiny ear tattoo that shows your Pride every day — long after June is over.
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