Take It Back To The ’20s With These 30 Flapper Costumes

Ah, the Roaring '20s. An era marked by jazz, prohibition, and oh! women's fashion. As the corset died, ladies waved goodbye to their conservative wardrobes and swapped their floor-grazing, dust bunny-collecting looks for something with a little more...razzle-dazzle. Enter the era's most fashionable party girl: the flapper. A sensible heel, decorative headpieces (think more Daisy Buchanan, less Philip Treacy), and loose, sparkly dresses that left arms and legs exposed.

You might be picking up what we're throwing down here, but, if you're still figuring out a last-minute Halloween costume and happen to have a sequined dress and some pearls lying around, a flapper might be your leg to stand dance on. Ahead, we've compiled some of the internet's best Gatsby-themed getups from Halloweens past, so you — wait for it — can get down. Pun sold separately.

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Photo via @rosefirouzi.
What's better than one flapper? Two.
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Don't forget the gloves.
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Channeling the flapper look with bobbed hair, layers of pearls, a luxe headband, and, of course, a long cigarette holder.
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Photo via @karinagiada.
White may not be the smartest option for a night of partying, but the Instagrams...
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Photo via @heidiverstunts.
Daisy Buchanan, is that you?
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Pro tip: A feather boa is a great flirting accessory. (At least that's how Mae West did it.)
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Photo via @lauryn290.
Hey, anybody know where the nearest speakeasy is?
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"I put a bird on my head."

"Is that what that was?"
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Photo via Glam Radar.
Sparkle, squared.
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Photo via Brit & Co.
These two went all-out.
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Photo via Etsy.
"It's called glamour, darling. You wouldn't understand it."
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Imagine how many people you'd hit with the fringe on this one...hell, all the more reason to wear it.
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Photo via Allison Hendrix.
Is that Louis Armstrong we hear?
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Photo via amo.says.
Your best bet for a look this authentic is a vintage store.
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Pearls on pearls.
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Fitzgerald described the flappers as "lovely, expensive, and about nineteen." Accurate.
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With this look, you could also pass as Coco Chanel.
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Photo via @blueskyhorizons.
Headpiece game strong as hell.
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Photo via @eriicachristina.
Let a casual sepia tone to take you back to the '20s.
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Luxury. Luxury, indeed.
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Photo via @ambarrivera9.
Not sure iPhones existed in the 1920s, but what a festive selfie.
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Throw on a faux-fur stole to keep you warm, but also fancy.
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Photo via @thegatsbygirls.
Or bring along a fan. The possibilities are endless.
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Photo via @folie_jolie_.
Who said flappers have to wear black?
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Photo via @pandafbear.
How many rows does your pearl necklace have? Only two? Yeah, that's what we thought.
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Photo via @joejandm.
Are you about that choker life?
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Photo via @kyliejenner.
Even your fave knows what's up. Here's King Kylie slaying the Gatsby look for Kris Jenner's 60th.
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Photo via @uniquevintage.
Glam from head to toe. That's how it's done.
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Since it is Halloween and all, if you'd rather go the frightening flapper route...
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