11 Of The Best Brands Nailing Gold Jewellery

Like ready-to-wear, jewellery trends swing back and forth like a pendulum: one moment you've got a penchant for Gucci-esque more-is-more costume jewellery, the next you're keeping it simple with minimalist silver pieces. The beauty of it is, the better quality (and more sustainably) you buy, the longer it'll last, meaning that you can rotate your precious pieces depending on the way the wind takes you.

Right now, we're stockpiling all kinds of gold jewellery, from bold yellow-gold to more subtle white gold, '90s-style chunky chains to less-is-more stackable rings. Thankfully, there's a plethora of indie labels providing us with the sweetest pieces to add to our jewellery box.


Click through to meet the jewellery brands serving up the best gold jewellery around.

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The story: Sisters Natasha and Sheena draw inspiration for their collections from their combined passion for travel, art and culture, coupled with their rich diverse Trinidadian and Mauritian heritage. Each piece is made from 9 karat gold and 18 karat gold vermeil mixed with precious and semi-precious stones, offered in a variety of contemporary styles that can be layered or worn individually. Each piece is designed by the sisters in London and hand-made in Jaipur, India, by skilled artisans.

The most-wanted piece: We love the new summer collection, made up of vintage glamour-inspired pieces that feature nostalgic opulent twirls and twists.

The price tag: From £145 and up.
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Astrid & Miyu

The story: Connie Nam founded Astrid & Miyu in 2012 when she spotted a gap in the jewellery market: a lack of affordable but contemporary jewellery that didn't fall apart after one wear. Nam got to work designing and marketing her pieces, and soon enough her label became an Insta-fave. Now offering customers style consulting at its in-store Ear Bar, as well as dainty tattoos that match the delicate jewellery, Astrid & Miyu is a go-to for gold jewellery lovers.

The most-wanted piece: We love the new Una collection, inspired by molten shapes and unique textures.

The price tag: From £39 and up.
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Daisy London

The story: Founded by Ruth Bewsey in 2009 on Portobello Road, Daisy London creates the pieces missing in your jewellery box. The first collection was inspired by wildflowers, but since then the label has used its bohemian aesthetic on everything from the female figure to the moon and stars. The perfect label for people wanting something half way between minimalist and statement: it's simple enough to layer lots of chains and stack plenty of rings, but distinctive enough to wear pieces alone, too.

The most-wanted piece:
The Goddess signet ring from the Estee Lalonde collection is a big hit, but we love the chunky hoops and Eternity multi-stone ring in gold, too.

The price tag:
From £35 and up.
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The story: Missoma is a family-founded label, created from the kitchen table by Marisa Hordern, mother Michele and sister Sophie. While Marisa was first inspired by a piece of Labradorite, and there are crystals and gemstones in the collections, the brand's strong suit strong suit is its gold jewellery. From Roman coin charms to heavy duty chains, this is brand for people already hooked on gold and wanting to add some stand-out pieces to their collection. Influencer Lucy Williams has collaborated with Missoma on several collections, the stand-out being 1987, all '80s and '90s-inspired treasures paying homage to her mum's old jewellery box.

The most-wanted piece:
You'll recognise the Lucy Williams horn necklace from your Insta feed, but we love chunky ridge hoops, too.

The price tag:
From £35 and up.
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PD Paola

The story: Another family-run brand, PD Paola was started by siblings Paola and Humbert in Barcelona back in 2014. The label drops 11 collections a year, inspired by everything from architecture to nature, and is perfect addition to any collection of delicate jewellery, PD Paola is all about small details and hyper feminine touches, from dainty huggie hoops to thin stackable rings. The Aisha collection sees 5% donated to the Afrikable Foundation, which supports vulnerable women in Kenya, too.

The most-wanted piece:
The gold ring duos are the perfect present; our favourite colour combos are cheery red and apple green.

The price tag: From £33 and up.
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Laura Lombardi

The story: Eponymous New York label Laura Lombardi has fast become the go-to jewellery brand for influencers and editors alike, thanks to Lombardi's sustainability credentials and eye for distinctive design. Almost all of her pieces are made from raw or recycled metals, and with a background in fine art, her sculptural pieces are cult collectables. This 2010-founded label is ideal for those who like their hoops chunky and their chains thick.

The most-wanted piece:
The Mini Band earrings are perhaps the perfect gold hoops, but we adore the more stand-out cross Fiore pair.

The price tag:
From £54 and up.
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The story: Rosh Mahtani's brand Alighieri has gone from strength to strength since she founded it in London in 2014. The first collection was inspired by the 100 poems of Dante's Divine Comedy after she studied the hell, purgatory and paradise-filled tome at Oxford University, and since then, her craggy and misshapen pieces have been seen on everyone from Lisa Aiken to Andrew Scott. Mahtani's pieces have become such an industry breakthrough that she was nominated for the British Emerging Talent Womenswear award at the Fashion Awards in December 2019, too.

The most-wanted piece:
The Infernal Storm pearl and gold earrings sparked a thousand knock-offs but we love the ancient-looking medallion charms.

The price tag:
From £100 and up.
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Monica Vinader

The story: An amalgamation of fashion and fine jewellery, Monica Vinader founded her brand in 2008 and won Brand of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards the very same year, starting her story with a bang. Committed to ethical sourcing (the brand gets its diamonds from suppliers that follow the Kimberley Process, and has been given the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury for its outstanding commitment to sustainability), Vinader doesn't forgo style when producing guilt-free pieces.

The most-wanted piece:
The jewelled pendants and charms are highlights, but we love the minimalist and sleek gold pieces like the Alta Capture linked bracelet.

The price tag:
From £35 and up.
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Katie Mullally

The story: London-based jeweller Katie Mullally learned the tricks of the trade at her grandma's antique business in the Old Grays Antique Market in South Molton Street but didn't start her own business until her 50s in 2012. While all of her pieces are vintage-inspired, making the peas-in-a-pod charms and wishbone necklaces the sweetest gifts, it's the Goldsmiths Company Assay Office-accredited hallmark stamped on the back of each piece that makes it feel special.

The most-wanted piece:
The English and Irish coin charms are our favourite, but you can get anything from a key to a love heart and layer them up on her gold chains.

The price tag:
From £60 and up.
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The story: There's a reason everyone and their mother ditched plain old silver hoops in favour of dainty gold huggies up and down their ears: Otiumberg. While fashion's coolest are buying their engagement rings from the 2016-founded London label, they're best known for their sapphire and pearl ear decorations. Created by sisters Christie and Rosanna, the brand is all about collecting and layering, but don't overlook their other gold pieces: their gold twist rings and name bracelets are thoroughly '90s.

The most-wanted piece:
Any of the huggie hoops, but their personalisation service allows you to create your own necklaces, rings and earrings - heaven!

The price tag:
From £20 and up.
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Wolf & Gypsy

The story: Founded in 2018 by Tori Shay, who trained under a goldsmith whose designs were sold in Liberty and Harvey Nichols in the '70s, Wolf & Gypsy uses 14ct gold to create a range of stand-out and hand-made jewellery. Drawing inspiration from bohemian motifs, the brand has quickly become known for its collection of coin pendants, eclectic studs and free-spirited necklaces. However, if you're after something more minimalistic, the label also sells a range of gem stone rings that will be sure to add some classic sparkle to your IG hand selfies.

The most-wanted piece: We are completely obsessed with the Star Ear Cuff, but the simplistic Sixpence Necklace is also high on our wish list.

The price tag: From £20 and up.
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