7 Erotic Podcasts You'll Want To Start Listening To ASAP

When we think about porn, most of our minds probably flash to a laptop screen. But porn isn't just something that can be watched. Sometimes, the best porn is porn that you read or listen to.

Yes, you can listen to explicit content, and it's surprisingly easy, thanks to podcasts. You just have to decide what you're looking for. Some podcasts are all about getting you hot and bothered, while others are meant to help people through sexual insecurities (and they just might happen to turn you on, too).

So which podcasts are actually worth your time? We've rounded up a few good ones to get you started.

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Tune into Swingercast to hear hosts Allie and John describe their sexual adventures with other swingers. You'll get a crash course in foursomes, double penetration, open relationships, and what the life of a swinger couple really looks like.

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Peach Booth

Okay, so this one isn't exactly a podcast. Instead, Peach Booth is like a modern-day phone sex line. People call the "peaches," the women who work for the line, and can talk about anything from how their day is going to sex or relationship problems to asking a peach to role-play a sexual fantasy. What makes this different from phone lines of the past, though, is that Peach Booth offers an "eavesdropping" service, on which paying customers can listen into any call (the callers are aware that this could happen).

Some of those calls are recorded and kept in an archive to be listened to at any time. Users on the basic plan can listen to the first four minutes of any call for free, but you'll need a $4.99 monthly membership to listen to the whole thing.
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Bawdy Storytelling

Erotic fiction is great, but sometimes what's even more arousing are erotic stories that you know actually happened. That's what you'll find on Bawdy Storytelling. On each episode, host Dixie De La Tour shares real-life sex stories submitted by listeners who perform "their own stories of love, lust, and feeling funny in your bathing suit area."

Listen to old episodes for free on Bawdy Storytelling's website, or consider going to a live taping.
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Savage Lovecast

Famed sex-advice columnist Dan Savage answers burning sex questions from readers who call in to his podcast, Savage Lovecast. While the conversations you'll find here are a little less erotic and more about working through sex and relationship problems, the topics Savage addresses — everything from exploring your sexuality to a how-to on anal — could provide inspiration for your own sex life.

Listen to short versions of each episode for free, or subscribe for $5 a month to hear the whole thing.
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Kiss Me Quick

If you're looking for straight up erotica, it's worth checking out Kiss Me Quick. Host Rose Caraway, who's also known as The Sexy Librarian, reads erotic short stories aloud in vivid detail. It's like listening to one of those old-fashioned radio shows... if those shows included graphic sex scenes.

Listen for free here.
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My Dad Wrote A Porno

It might seem like a strange title for a podcast, but Jamie Morton chose this name for his show because it's 100% the truth. His dad did write a porno, and he and his friends get together every episode to read from it. Along the way, they question some of the pornography tropes his dad used in the book and crack plenty of jokes.

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Guys We F****d

Comediennes Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson brand their show as "the anti-slut shaming podcast," and for good reason. Each episode, the pair interview a different guy either Fisher or Hutchinson has had sex with in an effort to "make the world a more sex-positive place...one candid story of intercourse at a time."

Listen for free on SoundCloud.
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