Avoid The Halloween Upside Down With These Stranger Things Costumes

There's only one show that's more Halloween-friendly than American Horror Story. And, of course, that show is the equally genre-obsessed Stranger Things. The Netflix show leaned pretty hard on its sci-fi roots for season 1, but, its sophomore year will be all about horror movie vibes. That's why it's premiering right in time for Halloween, uses Halloween's unofficial theme song, Michael Jackson's "Thriller," in the trailer, and will take place during Halloween.

Essentially, nothing is spookier this year than Stranger Things 2.0.

Out of respect for Stranger's obvious dedication to all things Hallows' Eve, we found the best costumes you can crib from the Netflix hit. It will likely be the hottest topic over Halloweekend, as the Duffer Brothers' series arrives on Friday, October 27, four days before the big holiday. Scroll through the gallery to see all the most creative Stranger Things' Halloween inspiration, from both the show and expert cosplayers alike.

We promise it's not a long list of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) costumes.

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Steve Harrington & His Bat

Meet one of the best couples costumes you’ll see all Halloween. Steve (Joe Keery) swinging a many-nailed bat into the Demogoron is one of the most iconic moments of Stranger Things season 1, and definitely helped his portrayer become one of the Internet’s leading new boyfriends.

So, it’s only fair to celebrate this truth with a Halloween costume. Whichever half of your couple has the better hair gets to be Steve (obviously!), so they will need their ‘80s rich-boy best, preferably that would include a long sleeve polo shirt of some sort or a blue t-shirt, a dark jacket with the collar-popped, acid wash jeans, and a shining, flowing mane. You'll also probably need a little purple eye shadow to copy Steve's post-fight bruises from Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton).

For the baseball bat costume, adorn a brown t-shirt-and-pants combo or dress with faux silver spikes, scribble “Louisville-Slugger” somewhere on your ensemble, and you’re set.

Happy Demogorgon hunting.
Eleven & Her Eggo Waffle

Eleven’s best friend (and, likely, crush) might be one Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), but the true love of her life is a box of Eggo Waffles. So, remember this undeniable connection this Halloween with the usual Eleven costume — a pink collared dress, denim jacket, a smear of blood under your nose, and stripped gym socks — paired with your loved one in an Eggo costume.

They could either construct one of the iconic waffles around their body, or just figure out a way to turn their outfit into a recreation of the infamous Eggo box.
Actual Badass Nancy Wheeler

Eleven rightly gets a lot of credit for being the coolest person on Stranger Things, what with all the telekinesis and ability to kill monsters from a bleak parallel universe. But, Nancy (Natalia Dyer) is also a badass in her own right, since she doesn’t have any of those powers and still tries to fight the Demogorgon with a gun and a spiked bat that would make The Walking Dead’s Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) jealous.

To celebrate Nancy’s often-forgotten badassery, all you need are her traditional ‘80s duds of a cuduroy jacket, a sweater, a determined ponytail, and one no-nonsense bat.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The Stranger Kids As The Ghostbusters

Welcome to pop culture costume-ception, since this idea is one Halloween costume inside of another Halloween costume. For this idea all you need are three other friends and the ability to buy Ghostbusters costumes. To make sure everyone knows you’re the Stranger Things gang, please remember to have everyone bring a pillow case (which will serve as a faux candy bag) with them.

And, as TVLine points out, if you do have a designated Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), he’s the Venkman of the group.
New Eleven

Speaking of the upcoming Stranger Things season 2, the “Party” and their Ghostbuster get-ups are not the biggest costuming choice of the newest episodes. No, that honor goes to Eleven’s new hair, which everyone will be talking about by the time Stranger 2 rolls around.

For this costume all you need is a very 1980s curly brown wig, overalls, a boxy jacket, and an honest “WTF?” expression.
Sheriff Jim Hopper & Joyce Byer

Look, Bob Newby (Stranger Things newbie Sean Astin) might be horning in on romantic attentions of Joyce (Winona Ryder) at the top of Stranger Things season 2, but we all know she really belongs with Hop (Dennis Harbour). I won’t hear anything else, so don’t tell me.

To recreate Stranger’s second-greatest love story — after Eleven and the Eggos, remember? — you need is Joyce’s paranoid mom ensemble and one sheriff’s uniform, complete with as much coffee as possible.
Joyce Byer & The Alphabet Wall

If you would rather get a little bit weirder with your Joyce Byer love for a couple’s costume, one half of your duo can follow the Joyce guidelines from the last costume, but swap out Hop’s sheriff’s costume for the Alphabet Wall. Recreating the famed wall doesn’t seem so hard; all you need to do is redesign the set piece on something mobile or wearable and wrap yourself in multi-colored Christmas lights.

And, if you're an independent woman who doesn't need a partner, you can also be your own alphabet wall.
It-Meets-Stranger Things

Finn Wolfhard is now the star of two beloved 80s-set horror blockbusters starring outcasts with a single girl in their group. Point out how extremely specific this fact is by mixing both of Wolfhard’s major projects: Stranger Things and It. Pennywise and the Stranger kids? The Demogorgon and the Losers? The Demogorgon and Pennywise? All of them work and are hilarious.
The Wheeler Kids

This recommendation is simply here to remind you there is a third Wheeler child. Nancy and Mike might be out in these Hawkins streets fighting other-worldly demons, but Holly Wheeler (Tinsley Price) is doing the hard work, noticing hands pushing through the walls of the Byer household and generally being adorable.

A Nancy, Mike, and Holly Halloween (Hollyween?) costume is the wholesome friend costume the world deserves.
The Demogorgon

If you’ve always dreamt of spending a lot of time crafting a Halloween ensemble, and then subsequently having absolutely no one to come near you, may I suggest an extremely realistic, painstakingly-made Demogorgon costume?

I am literally afraid of just looking at the photo of this costume and cannot even imagine being within 40 years of the guy hiding inside of there.
Lone Wolf Lucas

For when you have a fatigue-printed bandana “somewhere around here” and are already late for the party.

When all else fails, just be Barb.
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