Avoid The Halloween Upside Down With These Stranger Things Costumes

Photo: Curtis Baker/Netflix.
There's only one show that's more Halloween-friendly than American Horror Story. And, of course, that show is the equally genre-obsessed Stranger Things. The Netflix show leaned pretty hard on its sci-fi roots for season 1, but, its sophomore year will be all about horror movie vibes. That's why it's premiered right in time for Halloween last year, consistently uses Halloween's unofficial theme song, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and even used Halloween as a backdrop for season 2. .
Essentially, nothing is spookier than Stranger Things 2.0.
Out of respect for Stranger's obvious dedication to all things Hallows' Eve, we found the best costumes you can crib from the Netflix hit. Yes, you can still celebrate the Duffer Brothers' hit despite the fact the beloved Netflix series won't return for Halloween this year. So, scroll through the gallery to see all the most creative Stranger Things' Halloween inspiration, from both the show and expert cosplayers alike.
We promise it's not a long list of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) costumes.
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