Julep's Latest Collection Is Sweet As Hell — & It's Hitting Ulta Soon

If there's one brand with a revolving door of beautiful, top shelf-worthy packaging, it's Julep. The cosmetics company always finds ways to present each product with style. Who could forget the playful graphics on its latest mascara? Or Julep's Iceland-inspired holiday packaging last year? Now, Julep is dropping a new collection adorned with enough sweets to fill a Dylan's Candy Bar — and it's hitting Ulta soon.

To create the designs, Julep brought on San Francisco-based artist Gretchen Röehrs, who is known for blending high-fashion illustrations with food. What comes next is a combination of ballerina and party-goer stick figures wearing candy-flecked outfits plucked straight from our sugar-plum fairy dreams. "Each scene was inspired by a different memory of some of my favorite holiday traditions and festive feelings," Röehrs tells Refinery29. "The texture of a ribbon, the shimmer of glitter, a ballerina dancing The Nutcracker... My sweet tooth only got worse once I saw my illustrations come to life on the pretty packages."

Ahead, check out the entire collection before it launches at Ulta Beauty on September 15. We have a feeling you're going to be craving candy very soon.

Julep's cult cleanser got an upgrade with sophisticated Parisian-chic packaging. Her inspiration? "I love the ribbon used in fashion and gifting," she says. "And white gummy dots mix sweetly with flowing ribbons and bows."

Julep x Gretchen Röehrs Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil, $28, available September 15 at Ulta Beauty.
"I wanted to make [this packaging] extra feminine and girly," she says. "We chose shades of pink and red along with candies shaped like lips, flowers and hearts." Sweet.

Julep x Gretchen Röehrs Merry Matteness Matte Lip Mousse Tri0, $30, available September 15 at Ulta Beauty.
This gloss duo smells just as sweet as it looks, but we especially love the shade "Kween," a deep berry hue that's exclusive to the set.

Julep x Gretchen Röehrs Sheers To You Ultra-Hydrating Lip Gloss Duo, $20, available September 15 at Ulta Beauty.
Julep's Lip Crayons go on like a balm, but leave behind the prettiest opaque color.

Julep x Gretchen Röehrs Kiss and Tell Full -Coverage Lip Crayons 5-Piece Set, $49, available September 15 at Ulta Beauty.
When it came to the designing the holiday nail kits, Röehrs drew inspiration from The Nutcracker ballet. This mini set features new shimmer shades in everything from dark aquamarine to pearlescent pink. f

Julep x Gretchen Röehrs Sugar Suite 6-Piece Mini Nail Set, $24, available September 15 at Ulta Beauty.
Röehrs wanted to feature party-inspired packaging with "girls in flirty dresses, confetti, and playful pops of champagne," she says. This quad includes three of Julep's best-selling pinks and "Lip Lock," a playful red that's exclusive to the collection.

Julep x Gretchen Röehrs Lip Kaleidoscope 4-Piece Matte Lip Mousse Set, $42, available September 15 at Ulta Beauty.
By far the largest in the holiday collection, this 12-piece nail set offers a little bit of everything. For the packaging, Röehrs wanted it to look edible and delicious: "Ballerinas meet macaroons while the mouse king, pointe shoes and the nutcracker linger amongst gifts and treats," she says.

Julep x Gretchen Röehrs #Coveted 12-Piece Mini Nail Set, $48, available September 15 at Ulta Beauty.
A 5-piece set featuring brown, teal, black, and gold eyeliners, plus a sharpener to keep the pencils on point.

Julep x Gretchen Röehrs On Pointe Eyeliners With Sharpener 5-Piece Set, $24, available September 15 at Ulta Beauty.
Röehrs used the same ribbon packaging from the cleansing oil for Julep's nail treatments, and caring for your dry, brittle nails has never looked so good.

Julep x Gretchen Röehrs Suite Treats Nail Treatment 4-Piece Set, $44, available September 15 at Ulta Beauty.
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