IKEA's Frakta: The Unexpected Fashion Trend That Has 0.00 Chill

We have to admit: We like when fashion gets weird. And, to be honest, we like when it trolls itself and gets in on the joke, too. Each season, brands like Vetements and Moschino provide us with new batches of head-scratching merchandise, usually in the form of accessories. But nothing was as out-there as IKEA's response to Balenciaga's luxury version of its iconic Frakta bag. One look at the Instagram hashtag for the tote and it seems like the Internet has joined in on the fun, creating their own D.I.Y. goods from the bag's malleable materials.

After taking a look — and having a good old laugh — we couldn't help but find ourselves eager to share our findings. We're not kidding when we say that the Internet has outdone itself with this one. Have you ever wanted to wear your Frakta on your head? Well, there's a hat for that. Want the Frakta as underpants? Where there's a will, there's a way. And, there are plenty others in the slideshow ahead that prove the Frakta might just have a legitimate place in our closets. Of course, we don't yet predict these treasures to go mainstream, but the craftsmanship on a few of them is truly iconic. After years of using the carryall as our laundry bag, or the alternative to a cardboard box on moving day, the love for IKEA has officially gone mad.

When in doubt: Be honest with yourself, and others.
Okay, who did this? We want names.
Just...why? And what for?
Do you even Frakta, bro?
At least they're admitting to this one being a hoax, because that's quite a look.
Out of the entire line-up, we wouldn't be surprised if this one came with a waiting list.
And there are matching sweatpants, too!
Okay, get out. Just go.
Would it get sweaty under there?
Balenciaga who?
And, for those of you who didn't take a liking to any of the aforementioned goodies, how's about a Frakta flower bed?
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