What's Up With Kendall Jenner's Latest Outerwear Obsession?

If there's one thing in our closets that makes getting dressed on freezing winter mornings a whole lot easier, it's something that was made to go with everything: that coat that you toss over whatever you're wearing, so you can get out the door and on with your day. That wear-with-everything piece usually comes in the form of a blanket coat, or, if you're one of those chic French girls, just a navy cashmere pullover, perhaps. But for someone like Kendall Jenner — and, really, for any of us who call the Northeast home — that cold weather staple usually equates to a bulky puffer jacket.

After we saw the piece pop up in street style roundups all over the place, we spent the past season trying our hand at the tricky silhouette. But, alas, it remains one of the harder outerwear must-haves to style. Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite moments of Jenner wearing some of the trendiest puffer jackets we've seen in order to help us give the trend one last go before spring arrives. It'd seem the key is to, like, kind of wear it, and then kind of let it just hang off of your shoulders, à la Balenciaga fall 2016. Hmm, seems easy enough, right?

Photo: Pierre Suu/Getty Images.
Because when you're exiting a Chanel show, you must make sure to be seen from a great distance, on the off chance that that one does not know you're exiting a Chanel show.
Photo: Pierre Suu/GC Images.
What's that? Jenner couldn't hear you over the ruffling noises created by her puffer.
Photo: Robert Kamau/GC Images.
"Catch me if you can," Jenner whispers as she dodges the paparazzi in a puffer that even astronauts at NASA would want to slip into.
Photo: Pierre Suu/GC Images.
And for those days when you just can't deal with anything or anyone, may we suggest the "don't-look-at-me puffer."
Photo: Timur Emek/GC Images.
And, lastly, perhaps the most useful puffer of them all, the "is-he-looking-over-here" puffer from Marcelo Burlon by Country of Milan. This one's great for those "surprise" run-ins with your ex.
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