How To Dress Up Like Pokémon Go This Halloween

Pokémon Go was this year's biggest app sensation. Within 24 hours of its launch, the game became a mega hit and has since seen users walking billions of miles to catch the app's virtual monsters. So if you're thinking of Halloween costumes this year and want something fun and relevant, a Pokémon Go-themed ensemble could score you big points (even if you've quit playing the game).

There are so many directions you can take your costume. For something beautiful but minimalist, you can go elaborate with your face and eye makeup, while keeping the rest of your Halloween outfit chic. Or you can go full Etsy and craft up your own Bulbasaur or Charizard. And if you want to meet new people, you could dress up as a lure — and see what sorts of humans you catch. It's also the perfect group costume if your squad likes to keep things on the silly side.

Read on for our picks for this year's most memorable Pokémon Go Halloween-costume ideas.

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This post originally published September 19, 2016.


There are plenty of low-maintenance ways to pull off Pikachu (click through to see more), but this one is the most comfortably option we've seen. You can literally spend the night in a hoodie and jeans — while still looking like you put in some effort — with this Pikachu hoodie sold on Amazon.
Photo: @nannamorusokokko/Instagram.

Transforming yourself into the game's most recognizable character is easy. Use black eyeliner and vibrant yellow eyeshadow to create the monster's shape on each eye. Then add coats of black mascara to upper and lower lashes to glam up the effect. Cap off your costume with a yellow sundress to complete your look.
Photo: Amazon.

Or, for the full-on Pikachu effect, take a cue from this children's costume on Amazon. Buy a yellow headband and cut ears out of construction paper. Wear a yellow tutu and tank top (or a yellow leotard and leggings), and you'll be set to run around all night. (Tail optional.)
Photo: @lauraiz/Instagram.
Pokémon Trainer & Pikachu

Whether you've got a mini me or a well-trained but tiny pooch, you can really score cute points by dressing up as a Pokémon trainer yourself and dressing your child or fur child up as Pikachu (or another Pokémon). If you don't win the neighborhood Halloween-costume contest with this setup, the contest was rigged.
Photo: Courtesy @lydiadovecry/Instagram.
Pokémon Go Team-Inspired Eyes

Show your true colors with coordinated eye makeup and an outfit that matches your Pokémon Go team. Perfect for a squad of three.
A Trainer Jacket

This $49 Pokémon Go varsity jacket will show that you're ready to catch even the most wily Wartortle.
Photo: @yayahan/Instagram.
Pokémon Trainer

Becoming a trainer (hunting candy instead of monsters) takes a little more effort, but not much. Cosplayer Yaya Han has the full details on how to achieve this look on her blog, but wearing black leggings, a leotard, a cropped track jacket, and fingerless gloves gets you more than halfway there. Craft yourself a belt, and you'll be ready to catch even the rarest of Pokémon.
Photo: A Creative Cookie.
Poké Ball

But let's be honest: You can't be a trainer without the requisite Poké Balls — how else would you catch monsters, er, candy? Blogger A Creative Cookie easily crafts hers with a styrofoam ball, felt, and more felt. Get the full step-by-step guide here.
Photo: @courtneykhaleesi/Instagram.

You'd love to be the mother of dragons, but you know everyone is going to go as Khaleesi this Halloween. Instead, channel Pokémon's dragon-like monster, Charizard. Leave the real-life flames to Photoshop, unless you're a special-effects wizard (or a firefighter).
Photo: @handsintheair_pics/Instagram.
Pokémon Lure

If you're less about being a Pokémon and more about catching one, how about dressing up as one of the app's lures? While this San Diego Comic-Con attendee apparently used wires to suspend a lure above her head, you could draw or paint the symbol on a shirt, or attach a smaller version to a headband.
Photo: @jeaninechhim/Instagram.

If you've got a tired blue or green party dress, turn it into a Bulbasaur costume. Add some darker spots with felt, and for the bulb on back, if your sewing skills are minimal, try wrapping a backpack in green cloth and then adding some stuffing inside to give it a bulb-like shape.
Photo: @jdhcox/Instagram.

If you've got access to an old mascot costume, you too could be a full-fledged Pidgey. Otherwise, a brown outfit, feathery angel wings painted brown, and heavy black eye makeup will give you a Pidgey-inspired look that won't leave you in sweat puddles at the end of the day.
Photo: @juliadelbel/Instagram.
Pokémon Go Screen

Want people to stare at you all night? Just be a Pokémon Go screen yourself! Strap some poster board to your front and back, illustrated with your favorite screen in the app.
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