Brace Yourself For The Most Painful 100 Layers Video Yet

Photo: Courtesy of ItsYeBoi/Youtube.

Just when we think we're finally in the clear — no more freaky 100 layers videos! — a creative YouTuber pops out of the woodwork to deliver another. This time, it's quite possibly the most painful of them all. Liquid lipstick, foundation, eyelashes, eyebrows — we thought everything had been covered. But silly us, we forgot about waxing! Yes, Canadian vlogger Sean C. (It’sYeBoi) took on the task with his 100 Layers Of Wax Challenge.

Clearly, this man has never had a wax before, but go big or go home, right? With the help of his very patient sister, the two slapped on three jars' worth of hot wax to his lower leg. Just the first layer elicits a yelp from him, so you know it's going to be bad.

Photo: Courtesy of ItsYeBoi/Youtube.

The hot mess (literally) continued for almost 12 minutes (hair-removal vets know it likely took hours). By layer 10, you could see the wax creating a massive, opaque strip of honey goodness on his leg. All of a sudden, he realizes this is going to be way worse than predicted.

“I was intending for this to be, like, this big,” Sean says, measuring out about four inches of space on his leg. “It’s literally my full shin.”

By the end of this brave attempt, the hot wax spreads to almost 90% of his lower leg. Toward the last few layers, the two were just dumping as much wax as they could on the skin. Ouch.

Photo: Courtesy of ItsYeBoi/Youtube.

In short: This isn’t the easiest, cleanest, or safest challenge. Please DO NOT attempt this, we beg of you. But we have to admit, it's pretty funny. Take a look at the full 100 layers of wax in the video, above.

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