100 Layers of Foundation Looks Just As Uncomfortable As It Sounds

There’s a new trend on YouTube and it will make your face uncomfortable just looking at it. After a video of YouTube user Simply Nailogical applying 116 layers of nail polish went viral, beauty gurus haven’t been able to stop finding more things they can pile on top of each other. There’s 100 layers of liquid lipstick, 100 layers of mascara, and now possibly the most itch-inducing of them all: 100 layers of foundation. YouTuber user Jeely spent three hours taking this trend to a hilarious extreme, using a beauty blender to apply not one, not two, but 100 layers of her liquid foundation. The foundation starts looking uncomfortable around layer three (“Well, at least it’s full coverage,” Jeely jokes), but it’s downright unbearable as early as 40. What starts as a solid base ends up looking like a greasy mask that glistens in the light — AKA, a personification of what wearing makeup feels like in the summer heat. While somewhat nausea-inducing, the video is worth watching to the end if only for the relief of seeing Jeely wipe it all off. “It really looks like I’m sunburned,” she says, noting the disparity between her real skin and the 100 layers of liquid. Like the videos themselves, there’s seemingly no end to this trend. That’s okay, because the internet can’t stop watching.

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