This Is The “100 Layers Of Makeup” Video We Actually Needed

Jenna Marbles, a YouTube star who has been making us laugh at unrealistic beauty ideals since she first burst onto the scene, has just completed the wildest cosmetic challenge ever. Remember when she parodied her own makeup routine and people went nuts for it? Well, this is even better. Fast-forward to 2016, when the world is inexplicably captivated by "100 layers of fill-in-the-blank" beauty videos. "This is the internet I signed up for," exclaims Marbles in her new video, promising to go where no beauty vlogger has gone before and put on 100 layers of everything. That's 100 layers of foundation, liquid lipstick, nail polish, spray tan, hairspray, and false eyelashes — all at once. Of course, it all comes with some hilarious commentary. "A lot of my soul is dead, but this is coat number 60," she says as she sweeps on another coat of lipstick. Her boyfriend weighs in on her look. "It looks like you cut Jenna's face off and used it as a face," he says. In the end, Marbles completely nails it. "I saw you, beauty community, and then I raised you 500 other coats of things," she says as she nears the end of the experiment. We're not quite sure what's more impressive: the actual application of the whole routine, or her determination to remove all of it with cleansing wipes. Check out the video above to get a peek into the seven-and-a-half-hour process, because really, it's something you need to see to believe. All we're thinking is: Who on earth can top this?

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