All The Couples Who Might Get Engaged On Bachelor In Paradise

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We already know all about the prospective hookups on Bachelor In Paradise season 5. In fact, we started seeing a few of those in Tuesday night’s premiere, “Week 1.” Kendall Long smooched Grocery Store Joe Amabile on a day bed (even when her mom told her not to). Tia Booth found herself in another Colton Underwood-centric love triangle, this time swapping out Becca Kufrin for Chris Randone as the third leg of this hellish romantic melodrama. Even the formerly shy John Graham talked up as many ladies as possible.
While Paradise starts out as sexy fun and games, longtime viewers know this is a show that, like its ABC siblings The Bachelor and Bachelorette, is aiming for its stars to get engaged. That’s why host Chris Harrison can’t stop bringing up the names “Evan (Bass) and Carly (Waddell)” and Jade (Roper) and Tanner (Tolbert).” The Waddell-Basses and Roper-Tolberts are proof this drunken romp on a Central American beach can create the kind of forever love that ends in marriage certificates and babies.
Well, Paradise has already started hinting season 5 will produce even more betrothed couples. The season-long trailer shows one accepted proposal. Yet, with a few leading close-up shots, the preview suggests more couples will leave Mexico engaged. So keep reading to find out who might be leaving Bachelor In Paradise with a ring on their finger.
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Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon

Ashley and Jared, Bachelor Nation’s longest-running will-they-or-won’t-they, are our official, confirmed engaged couple. Yes, after Ashely’s ex Kevin Wendt kicked off Paradise by accusing her of cheating on him during their relationship.

However, Ashley and Jared didn’t fall in love on Paradise. Instead, in the midst of their highly publicized romance, it seems the geniuses behind the series invited the couple onto the show just for their their bended-knee moment.

Thankfully, after Ashley and Jared’s years-long relationship drama, they’re still going strong. At the beginning of August, Ashley went wedding dress shopping with her 95-year-old grandma.
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Krystal Nielson & Somebody?

At one point in the trailer, Krystal, seemingly in the classic all-white luxury of the fantasy suites, tells a mystery man, “Life is gonna be really exciting with you.” That certainly sounds like something you say moments before getting engaged.

Also, the person Krystal’s supposedly speaking to (if you believe editing) only adds to the possibility she’s leaving Mexico an engaged woman…
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Jordan Kimball & Somebody?

After Krystal, a blonde, coos about her future in the trailer, editing shows us none other than Jordan (in the same fantasy suite bed setting) happily lean into a woman with blonde hair.

Later in the trailer we see a man propose to an unseen woman. We know this guy isn’t Jared, since he’s wearing a different color shirt from the one Jared wears to propose to Ashley (this one is light blue, Jared’s is white). Also, this mystery man has blonde arm hair, which Jordan has and Jared does not.

That means we could be seeing Jordan’s proposal to Krystal. Or, Paradise is tricking us.
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One More Mystery Couple?

Unfortunately, this gallery is coming to you from someone who once flipped a laptop over and practically zoomed down to the pixels to investigate a single frame of a Riverdale episode. And wrote this. So it’s time to go into the weeds, Bachelor Nation fans.

No matter what happens with Krystal and Jordan, there are definitely three couples ending Paradise with a proposal. This fact comes down to men’s watches. From what we see of Jared’s confirmed proposal, the watch he is wearing has a white-ish band that is probably leather. From what we see of the aforementioned mystery blonde man (who might be Jordan) and his proposal, he’s not wearing a watch at all.

Yet, the trailer features a third proposal, which includes a man with an all-metal watch band popping the question. So that means, at minimum, three different men will be proposing.

Thank you for going on this journey with me.

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