Aidy B & Cardi B Remind Us We Don't Have To Be "Ladies" Anymore On SNL

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I don’t care who you are but ever since Cardi B’s breakthrough single “Bodak Yellow” came out, you can’t deny that you’ve adopted a ghetto girl alter-ego. Cardi B has had women from all backgrounds hype in clubs, singing about pussy poppin’, and cursing out men who aren’t adding worth to your life – all the while not apologizing for it.
And you know what? Women are just as aggressive as men, they’ve just been told to suppress it. Well, not Cardi B.
Not Aidy B either, Saturday Night Live’s perfect example of the character transformation women undergo after too much Cardi B. (Also I don’t think that’s possible, have you heard her new album?!)
Cardi B is the role model no one thought women needed, until now. “I think I need to be more like Cardi B,” says Aidy Bryant.
“We just don’t want to interrupt your girl time,” says one of the castmates as he finds Bryant and her work friends chatting.
“Why don’t you shut your hoe ass up?!” Bryant responds as women across the country nod their heads and snap from the other side of the screen. Tell him Aidy B, okuurrrrrrrr. Because when you see boys talking you don’t feel the need to say “boy time.”
“I’m from the Bronx, I don’t play that shit,” she continues, despite being from Phoenix, Arizona. But with Cardi B any women can change her background when they need a little edge.
What was once the concept that all women in music are heartbroken and upset or petty has been replaced with an attitude in which women are able to be just as “hood” as men. Rappers like Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Eminem created a mainstream gangster mentality for black men from tough neighborhoods to the everyday suburban white boy. Both of which somehow felt like they equally related to the lyrics.

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With lyrics like, “I need tongue, I need face, give me brain, concentrate!” from “No Limit” and “pussy so good I say my own name during sex!” from “I Do” it’s hard not to feel empowered in a different kind of way than Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” will make you feel. Male rappers have been boosting the sexual ego’s of men for years. Now it’s our turn to be sexual and aggressive.
But be warned, men, Cardi B will have any women, no matter her background feeling some type of way that to you might not seem ladylike. We’re still not going to apologize, okuuurrrrrr, so don’t get comfortable!
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