UnREAL Might Just Feature A Bachelor In Paradise Narrative

Photo: James Dittiger/Lifetime.
We need season three of UnREAL to happen right now. And then, we need the fourth season, because that's when the show might tie-in a narrative or two from this insane Bachelor In Paradise fiasco that started in June of 2017. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shiri Appelby seemed to hint that the show might incorporate some of the themes from the BIP scandal.
"It'll be interesting to see what they create for the fourth season and if they make any commentary on what happened on Bachelor in Paradise," Appelby said.
She added, "I feel like it's ripe for the storytelling."
The Bachelor In Paradise incident is indeed ripe for UnREAL fodder. For those who didn't follow the scandal, a producer filed a third party complaint alleging that two contestants, DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, engaged in nonconsensual sexual activity. Production came to a halt, and Warner Bros. investigated the footage of the incident. After 10 days in limbo and one strangely worded statement — "I am a victim," Olympios stated — the investigation revealed nothing incriminating, and production relaunched.
In comparison, the first season of UnREAL featured a contestant dying by suicide after neglecting to take her medication. Bachelor In Paradise looks almost tame — but it actually happened, and it would be fascinating to see what happened behind the scenes. Speaking to the cast during Tuesday night's episode of BIP, Chris Harrison said that crew members were in tears the night that production stopped. We, as viewers, witnessed the cast members react to the events in the premiere episode of the season. But we didn't get to see how it affected the people behind the camera. That's what UnREAL can do for us. If we're lucky, season four will be about the time lawyers and legal battles made it to reality television.
As for the third season of UnREAL, we only have a few more months to wait. According to Appelby, it will be better than the second season, which garnered pretty negative reviews.
"It's much stronger than it was in the second season," she said. We're on our toes, here — until 2018, that is.
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