Bella Hadid Still Isn't Dating Any Of Her Best Friends

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
We all want Bella Hadid to be with someone who makes her happy. It just so happens that the person is herself right now. The fashion model had to respond to more dating rumors, after a photo of her holding DJ Daniel Chetrit's hand surfaced.
We get it: her break up with The Weeknd sucked for everyone because they were an incredibly attractive couple, but it's time to move on. Since then, the star has been linked to nearly every man she comes in contact with. She's finally come out to put rumors past, present, and future to rest.
Hadid has confessed to being in a serious relationship with herself right now, and we love that.
In the past few months, Hadid has been falsely connected to men like Leonardo DiCaprio and fellow model Jordan Barrett. The latter of the two was caught up in nasty invasion of privacy when paparazzi snapped photos of he and Hadid while they were in her NYC apartment. Not cool.
Literally any of these guys would be lucky to land someone like Hadid, but it doesn't make these rumors any better. Constantly connecting Hadid to the men she's with is kind of demeaning. She can hang out with whoever she wants without being romantically involved with them.
Right now, she's just happy being herself and focusing on things that will make her happy. In fact, she just got a super cute rose tattoo from the famed tattoo artist to the stars, JonBoy.
When Bella Hadid does decide to give love another try, the public probably won't be the first to know. And that's totally fine. Stars deserve their privacy just as much as we do. That means no more breaking into houses, stalking, or anything Ingrid from Ingrid Goes West might try.
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