Bella Hadid Has Harsh Words For Paparazzi Who Photographed Her Inside Her Home

Photo: Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images.
All too often, celebrities are victims of invasions of privacy. This week, Bella Hadid had photos taken of her by an intrusive paparazzi member — while she was in her apartment.
Hadid was photographed with Jordan Barrett, a friend and fellow model, relaxing and taking selfies in her New York apartment. It should have been a casual moment they had to themselves. But because of the photo leak, Hadid has had to issue a statement about her and Barrett's relationship on Twitter.
Apparently, some people who saw the photos speculated that the pair were in a relationship. Of course, it's none of our business who any celebrity is dating, and it's up to them if they choose to disclose that information or not.
For the record, Hadid clarified that she isn't dating Barrett. She issued the Twitter statement after a fan account shared the paparazzi photos. "J is like a brother to me buhhh this just ruined the surprise ... interview w/ @DerekBlasberg coming soon," the model tweeted.
The model also sent a second tweet criticizing the paparazzi for invading her privacy, suggesting that she should move apartments to avoid the public eye.
"On another note - whoever thinks it's OK to photograph into someones home & private space is straight up sick, sad & fucked up. time to move," Hadid tweeted, along with two sad-faced emoji, a peace sign, and a rocket ship.
It's unfortunate that Hadid felt she had to clarify her personal life because of photos she never intended to be public in the first place. Everyone deserves privacy, especially in their own house — so let's give celebrities some space, okay?
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