Kendall Jenner Gave The Scary Details Of Running Into Her Intruder

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2016 was a difficult year for the Kardashians. While Kim was recovering from the trauma of the Paris robbery, Kendall Jenner was in court after reporting an alleged stalker to the police. Although 25-year-old Shavaughn McKenzie was acquitted for stalking, he was found not guilty for trespassing, and Kendall finally opened up about what exactly went down in this sneak peak of an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
"I had someone break into my house," the 21-year-old tells mom Kris and Scott Disick. The experience completely changed the way she sees the world. For instance, she's so much more on edge.
“I used to be the one who was so independent,” she says in the clip. “I was always kind of by myself, in a good way — but now it’s fully flipped.”
It's all thanks to one particularly chilling incident that happened when she was driving home.
“I came home one night and there was a guy sitting on the side of my street,” she explains. “I was like: ‘That’s so weird.’ He just looked like a homeless man. So I drove around and I went into my house and I watched the gate close."
She didn't think anything of the man until she turned off her car. "I’m about to open my door and I look in my rearview mirror and he was standing like right there," she says. "I just saw his figure."
The man approached the car, insisting on talking to the model.
"And I was like: ‘No, you need to leave!’" she remembers, getting emotional. “I called one of my friends immediately — I’m sobbing, crying. He’s at my window, banging on my window screaming at me. I finally start backing out and I get to my gate, the gate opens and I get out and all of a sudden he starts running after me."
Luckily, her friends arrived and helped keep the man on the curb until the police arrived. Kendall later got a restraining order against McKenzie. In the upcoming episode she prepares for court, where her fears are hopefully put to rest.

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