Spencer Pratt Can't Wait To Be An Angry Soccer Dad

Photo: Star Max/GC Images.
Heidi and Spencer Pratt are ready for baby. While Heidi still has quite a few months to go in her first pregnancy (her due date is in October), the couple is already thinking about what kind of parents they want to be. And Spencer has a very specific vision of fatherhood for himself.
The expecting couple spoke to Us Weekly about impending parenthood during a Father's Day event in Beverly Hills last week. "I'll be able to teach my son [about] all the things that I shouldn't have done," Spencer told Us. "I don't regret all my bad decisions because I'm going to use them for good." Heidi feels good about her husband stepping into a dad role, too. "He's going to be the best father," she said. "I'm excited to see who Spencer is going to become." In Spencer's mind, he's going to become the red-faced dad screaming at 8-year-olds from the sidelines. "Being the angry soccer dad on out the field — I'll nail that!" he said.
Spencer's also ready to be the cool dad who stays up late to show his son about all the greatest movies. Last week, he told R29 that the thing he is most looking forward to about parenting is "[rewatching] all my favorite movies with my son." He explained, "I love watching movies. It’ll be fun to get to watch every one of my favorite movies over again and introduce all the greats. Heidi goes to bed pretty early so I’m hoping our son stays up late crying." Sounds like the dad-to-be is really counting on some special father-son bonding time in the wee hours. We bet Heidi will appreciate that.
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