Jon Hamm Is The Best Part Of Kimmy Schmidt & You All Know It

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Jon Hamm is great at playing mad men. Yes, there's his legendary turn as Don Draper, the guy who makes a misogynistic, alcoholic advertising executive seem alluring, on a show literally called Mad Men. But there’s also his stint as the unstable, hyperbolic, and emotionally abusive cult leader Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne in Netflix’s off-kilter comedy, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
Now to compare Don Draper and Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne may seem unconventional, it’s not. Both men are powerful, manipulative, and more often than not, deem women as objects to possess and control. And Hamm's ability to execute both: one in a drama, and the other in a comedy, is why he is, without a doubt, the best part of Kimmy Schmidt. His dedication to the larger- and weirder-than-life role is what makes scenes on the show stand out. It’s his greatest endowment! Well, that and — okay, I won’t get into it right now.
If you’ve been keeping up with Kimmy (Ellie Kemper), then you know that she is the lovably naive protagonist of the series, and that the reverend is very much the antagonist. But I’m going to go ahead and say what we’re all thinking: He is for sure the best part of the series, hands down. The minor character is definitely insane, and Hamm taps into the reverend's maniacal psyche perfectly.
Let’s go through his best moments so far, because Kimmy is sweet and Titus (Tituss Burgess) has the voice of an angel, but Hamm steals every scene he graces with his presence.
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Even with his god-awful fake beard and wrinkled shirt, is it possible to still be kind of attracted to the reverend? I swear I'm not the Karen of the group (oh, nice one Tina Fey *wink*) but, like, hey.
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Okay this is awful, but also whoever made Jon Ham wear a trucker hat — and pretend to be a Yelped-rated wedding DJ — is a hero to me.
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Again, hero! I'm sorry this isn't a GIF, but this is Hamm humping the floor. It's spectacular.
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Screenshot via Netflix.
And here we are back to Don Draper status. Should you trust this man, the founder of "Savior Rick's Spooky Church of the Scary Apocalypse"? No! Never.

But do I, at this moment? Yes.
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And what would a round-up of the best Hamm moments be without a little Prince. Oh jeepers, gosh bless this man.

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