We Need To Talk About The Ending Of Santa Clarita Diet

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We need to address the elephant zombie in the room: what the heck was up with the ending of Santa Clarita Diet? The Netflix original series is a zombie comedy with Drew Barrymore as Sheila Hammond, the overworked real estate broker, wife, and mother of a teenager. The California suburban family lives a rather plain life until the day when Sheila suddenly begins transitioning into a zombie. As if that’s not enough, Sheila begins killing and eating humans, trusting her instinctual drives, and living her life on the edge.

I decided to binge watch the show over this past weekend (I have a really exciting social life). I completely understand how people could be deterred from this series, because, to be honest, it can be simultaneously awkward and gory. After the first few awkward episodes, though, the actors finally step into their characters and the story line intensifies.

Although I’m still trying to digest the show before settling on my feelings about the show, I can’t stop thinking about the finale. I really thought that the finale of the show would be different — that Sheila would take the remedy and she would (maybe) return to normal. Honestly, I thought that the show wouldn’t attempt another season, and that the end would be quite literally the end. But the finale of the season left the show open ended, and I have so many questions. Ahead, take a look at some of the unanswered questions and theories for a tentative season two.

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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
What’s going to happen with Joel?

Sure, we know he was arrested at the end of the finale. But, when we last saw Sheila's husband, he wasn’t in a jail cell. Instead, he was talking one-on-one with someone who looked an awful lot like a doctor. Are they going to throw Joel in an asylum? From the looks of it, he might not get off so easy. That is, unless he finds a doctor crazy enough to believe his zombie story.
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What is the “medium-sized” red ball?

Both Sheila and Loki threw up a red ball when they began their transformation. Even the rat in Dr. Wolf’s lab threw up a tiny red ball. What is the significance? My bets are that the red ball is part of the cure. On the Santa Clarita Diet SubReddit, there has been talk of it being a part of her soul or her soul entirely. If the red ball is her soul, maybe Sheila has to consume hers in order to be human again. Or, maybe it’s a key ingredient in that medicine Dr. Wolf was creating. Whatever it is, I’m guessing they should probably store it in something a little more sanitary than extra virgin olive oil.
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Does Principal Novak’s Serbian grandmother know more than we think?

I have a strange feeling Baka knows a lot more about the whole zombie situation than she gives on. For starters, she freaked out when she first saw the copies of the Serbian Zombie art. She said it was just a story she was told as a child, but something’s telling me there’s more. I have high hopes that she could know more about the situation and provide translation, or even a secret to the cure.
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Will Dr. Wolf return?

The finale leaves us with the Hammond family fending for themselves. Dr. Wolf (Portia de Rossi), is the only one with the research and information. Without her knowledge and expertise, is the Hammond family totally screwed? I feel like this isn’t the end of Dr. Wolf, and we’ll see more of her in a theoretical season two. Will she spend her time away from the family researching more about the undead or testing different formulas on her zombie lab rats? Only time will tell.
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Is Sheila Going to eat Joel?

Okay, I’m going out on a limb here, but the last scene of the finale seemed off. The way that Sheila was talking on the phone with a potential buyer made it seem like either she or Joel wouldn’t be available later in the week. The optimist inside me wants to believe that she hasn’t yet completed her transformation into 100% feral zombie and that she’s referencing her own deterioration. But, the look on her face says otherwise. Has Sheila completely lost control? Is she actually planning on eating Joel?

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