Is Riverdale The New Gossip Girl?

Photo: Courtesy of CW.
It’s been a little over four years since one of our favorite CW shows, Gossip Girl, finished out its last season and left us wanting more. We miss the days of never-ending drama between Blair and Serena and the episodes when we all thought Gossip Girl was really Vanessa or Georgina. Years later, Gossip Girl is a distant dream. In an age of ever-changing culture and technology, it feels like we’re losing touch with Gossip Girl as it gets more and more outdated. But have no fear, CW’s newest show Riverdale is here, and it’s dishing us an updated Gossip Girl world à la 2017.
Riverdale, set in the realm of the Archie comics, revolves around teens Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge, as school starts up again following a fellow student’s mysterious death. The show introduces us to a crew of East Coast high school students with dramatic lives, dark pasts, and dirty secrets. It sounds pretty enticing, huh? We've seen CW nail teen dramas time and time again, so it's not shocking that this show is already successfully at drawing us in.
Although Gossip Girl never gave us such dark vibes quite so early on in the series as Riverdale, there are some undeniable similarities between the two shows that leaving us wondering: Is Riverdale the new Gossip Girl?

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