The 10 Hotels That Blew Up Instagram This Year

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Sure, vacations are about exploring new places and seeing new things. And if you can also squeeze a few awesome Instagram posts out of your trip, that's a nice bonus.

Aside from posting selfies at all the major attractions in your destination, you might also choose to share images of your hotel if it's a particularly noteworthy one. But which of the world's hotels actually rack up the most love in the form of Instagram posts? We asked the site to share that data with us, and what we got was a fascinating look at the most popular hotels — that is, the ones that were geotagged more than any others in 2016.

One major trend? Apparently people love Las Vegas. Of the top 10 hotels to make Instagram's list, no less than five are on the Vegas Strip. Elsewhere, the W New York was also a hit, which isn't too surprising since Times Square is among the most popular Instagram locations, too.

So, which hotel took the top spot in 2016? We're counting down to number one, ahead. And if you make it to any of them in the new year, don't forget to snap plenty of pics.
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10. The Venetian Macau
Macau has informally been nicknamed "Asia's Las Vegas," so it's no surprise that this hotel made the list. (After all, the actual Las Vegas strip is one of the world's most instagrammed spots.) Like many places in Las Vegas, this hotel is pretty over-the-top. Just look at that Christmas tree.
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Photo: Via @nekrasova_ma.
Oh, your hotel doesn't look like a museum?
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Photo: Via @justineaguillon.
Yep, the hotel even has gondolas.
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Photo: Via @domk6i6r6k.
9. Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel (Official)
It's not hard to see why this Ibiza hotel made the list — just look at that view.
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Photo: Via @mikha3la.
The hotel is also home to a popular nightclub.
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Photo: Via @johan_maze.
You'd be hard-pressed to find a more Instagram-worthy shot than this one.
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Photo: Via @naeherbs.
8. Wynn Las Vegas
With gorgeous installations like this one by designer Preston Bailey, there's no shortage of 'gram opportunities at this Vegas hotel.
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Photo: Via @teenz33.
Every part of the Wynn is filled with breathtaking decor. (And if it seems over-the-top, that's because it is.)
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Photo: Via @hernandez.fs.
Make all of your followers jealous with a fountain shot.
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Photo: Via @brutramontina.
7. Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Miami is picture-perfect all year round, which might have contributed to this hotel's popularity.
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Photo: Via @courtklein.
You can't beat all of the incredible blue shades in this photo.
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Photo: Via @leshchenkodasha.
Now this photo is just unfair.
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Photo: Via @blstravelagency.
6. Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
It's not the actual city of Paris — but the Vegas lights make for some pretty great photos.
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Photo: Via @kitmencha.
Almost as good as the real thing, right?
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Photo: Via @x__sumy__x.
Now that's a hotel lobby.
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Photo: Via @CaesarsPalace.
5. Caesars Palace (Las Vegas)
Another Vegas hotel made the top five list.
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Photo: Via @ji_nick.
Hail, Caesar!
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Photo: Via @mampersandb.
The beautiful sunset in this photo almost makes you forget it's in Las Vegas.
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Photo: Via @shannonbrennan2.
4. Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
This five-star hotel is perfect for snapping a swoon-worthy photo.
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Photo: Via @hyrlihma.
This shot looks like it's straight out of a movie.
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Photo: Via @manoelama.
Atlantis the Palm has an aquarium — and it's spectacular.
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Photo: Via @ashleyniicolette.
3. The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas
The Las Vegas strip is popular on Instagram for a reason — it's hard to top this skyline.
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Photo: Via @gabvillafranca.
Yes, it's okay to post Vegas-inspired photos from your trip.
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Photo: Via @eaholwick.
Even the outside of the Cosmopolitan is grandiose.
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Photo: Via @wnytimessquare.
2. W New York, Times Square
Peak tourism.
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Photo: Via @laxtraveler.
New Yorkers may not love Times Square, but this view from the hotel is pretty spectacular.
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Photo: Via @wnytimessquare.
We wouldn't mind relaxing in the W's lounge.
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Photo: Via @summerscjb.
1. MGM Grand Las Vegas
The MGM Grand took the top spot among the most-geotagged hotels on Instagram this year. Between its casino and the live concerts it hosts, there's always something to do (and 'gram!).
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Photo: Via @gavalaaaaaa.
A stunning view of the hotel — from the cool azure pool.
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Photo: Via @amirali.rahnama.
A moment of peace amid Las Vegas' hustle and bustle.
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