All The Gilmore Girls Clues We Found In The New Trailer

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The Gilmore Girls return we've long been waiting for is really, truly, almost here. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix in exactly one month on November 25. The four-part reboot will pick up nine years after we last saw the ladies of Stars Hollow. Each 90-minute episode will document a season of ups and downs for the iconic mother-daughter duo.

The first trailer for the show premiered on Tuesday, and it's jam-packed with classic Gilmore Girls goodness, along with hints about what's going on in the ladies' lives now.

Basically, Rory and Lorelai are both feeling pretty lost these days, and the trailer shows them doing some soul searching. Lorelai and Luke are together, but perhaps not completely happy. Rory is jobless and living a "vagabond" existence, as Emily puts it. Speaking of Emily, she seems to be turning over a new leaf after Richard's death by Marie Kondo-ing the shit out of her house. Oh, and all three of Rory's exes — Jess, Dean, and Logan — make appearances. Plus, we get to see Sookie, Michel, Miss Patty, and Kirk, too.

One month left to speculate, people! Here's what we're thinking so far.
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Lorelai & Luke Are In Trouble
There is a scene that finds Lorelai visiting a therapist and discussing her relationship with Luke. Lorelai says they're "really happy," but from the look on her face and the tone of her voice, she doesn't seem sold on her own line.
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Somebody Is Preggers
Fans seem pretty sure that somebody is pregnant. Indeed, in the first scene, we see the gals bantering about the previous night over breakfast. We all know that Lorelai craved apples and Pop-Tarts when she was pregnant with Rory — is that what's happening here? Or did Rory inherit her mom's tastes? However, the ladies talk about having trouble remembering what happened last night, leading us to think they were drinking pretty heavily — a very un-pregnant behavior. So maybe this is just a hungover breakfast?
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Is Luke's Diner No More?
It's so small that it's hard to tell, but those coffee cups read "Al's," not "Luke's." We see Luke working in the diner, though, so we know it's still up and running in some capacity. Perhaps he renamed it for some reason? Or maybe he and Lorelai got into a fight, prompting the Gilmores to seek their caffeine fix elsewhere.
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Logan Is Back
We see Rory visiting London, where Logan moved to helm the Huntzberger family business. Is she seeking career or life advice? Confessing she still loves him? Catching up with an old friend? Or possibly telling him she's pregnant? Or giving him another chance to propose?
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Dean Is In The Picture, Too
We only see him for a split second in the trailer, but there's Dean at the local market — where he and Rory had their first kiss. The show has been teasing a return to Rory's first love — is this evidence of that? Or have they both moved on for good?
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Jess Has His Shit Together
We see Rory visiting Jess at work to lament about how she's lost direction in life. Jess looks like he's working in an old-fashioned newspaper room. Basically, he stole Rory's dreams. The fact that they're sharing a drink together makes it more likely that A. they will hook up and B. Rory is not pregnant.
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Stars Hollow Adopted A Pig
Yep, there's an adorable little piggy running free around town. What could it mean?
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There's A VIP In Town
Somebody is arriving outside the diner in a fancy black car. The only characters we can see getting the chauffeur treatment are Emily, of course, and Logan. Perhaps he flew in from London for Rory?
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Love Has Not Made Michel Any Less Miserable
The Dragonfly Inn's resident sarcasm artist appears to be his same old self. Though actor Yanic Truesdale said we'll get a look at Michel's love life this season, it's safe to say his partner has not softened him up one bit.

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