What Does This Cryptic Gilmore Girls Clue Mean?!

Remember the Life and Death Brigade? If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, you most surely do. It's the secret Yale society that Rory's (Alexis Bledel) boyfriend at the time Logan (Matt Czuchry) was a member of. They were all about untraditional parties, getting dressed up, and madcap stunts. (Remember that time hopeful new members leapt from scaffolding holding umbrellas?)
It's relevant again because actor Tanc Sade, who played Logan's friend Finn on the series, posted an enigmatic Instagram on Tuesday. He shared a photo of a brass trinket that may or may not have any actual symbolic meaning. He wrote, "#gilmoregirls Clue to the #lifeanddeathbrigade's return. Those that know, know. Those that don't, don't. And those that want, shall. But when? #finn #netflix #gilmoregirlsrevival."
Is that cryptic enough for ya? All we can deduce for certain is that the LDB will somehow figure into the Netflix reboot set to premiere later this year. While you're theorizing, keep in mind the LDB's motto, in omnia paratus. It means "ready for anything."

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