This Gorilla Can't Wait To See Your Vacation Photos

If you're dying to share photos from your recent vacation with friends and family members who couldn't be less interested, you may be in luck. Though he can't technically "like" your pics, this gorilla at the Louisville Zoo might offer you a grunt of approval — which is exactly what he did when one recent zoo visitor attempted to show him photos through the glass partition using a smart phone.
A video, posted online by media specialist Paul Ross, captures a young man sharing photos of other gorillas with the primate (whose name is reportedly Jelani) behind the glass. When he's ready to see the next image, the gorilla jerks his head to the side, almost as if to mime for his new friend to swipe. Maybe he thought he had stumbled upon some kind of gorilla Tinder? As the photo parade goes on, Jelani slumps a bit to get more comfortable, allowing the young man to do the same on the other side of the glass. The result is a what appears to be a moment of deep mutual understanding between man and primate (and cell phone).

It's just too bad Jelani doesn't seem to have been taught sign language — otherwise, maybe he'd be able to help choose the perfect filter and caption. (Petapixel)

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