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Iran released "Washington Post" reporter Jason Rezaian and three other American citizens. (Major News)
JK Rowling shared her secret advice to Alan Rickman on being Snape. (In-The-Know)
Miley Cyrus is wearing the engagement ring Liam Hemsworth gave her back in 2012. (Real Talk)
Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee are boycotting the Oscars due to the lack of diversity among the nominees. (A-List)
There will be five visible planets in the sky on January 20. (Fun Fact)
Trader Joe’s issued a recall of its Raw Cashew Pieces because they may have been contaminated with salmonella. (ICMYI)
Miss Colombia tells Steve Harvey: "You have to learn how to read." (Real Talk)
This Instagrammer perfectly matches makeup to snack foods. (Must See)
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