Update: Steve Harvey Received Death Threats After Miss Universe Flub

Update: In a new interview with the Today show's Natalie Morales, Steve Harvey and Ariadna Gutierrez revealed further details about the fallout from Harvey's big Miss Universe flub. The most shocking revelation was that, according to Morales, Harvey reported receiving not only angry messages but death threats on social media. "I blew it in a big moment," he admitted. "And the person that was hurt the most was [Gutierrez]." As for Miss Colombia? "It was the happiest four minutes and a half that I ever had... Now I can say, 'Okay, it was the worst night of my life, but it was the best one, too," she said.
This story was originally published at 6:45 p.m. on January 18, 2016.
In one of the great beauty pageant fails of all time, Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe. Nice one, Steve. The pageant invited him back, but would Miss Colombia ever forgive him? If ever someone had a reason to echo Odd Future’s stance towards Steve Harvey, it would be Miss Colombia. In a clip from an appearance on Harvey’s talk show airing Tuesday, Ariadna Gutierrez, the woman whose name he incorrectly announced, said she forgave the host. Harvey appeared contrite and more than a little nervous as he apologized to the pageant contestant. And he should be. “You have to learn how to read cards,” she said, laughing. “Because it was on the card. You wanted me to win.”
Harvey said his stomach was doing “monkey flips.” Gutierrez says that she thought Harvey was joking. If he had been, that would have been the first time Steve Harvey has made anyone laugh in about a decade. (That is, unless you count this compilation of Family Feud fails, which is actually pretty good.) After their joking, Harvey delivered a near-tears apology for the flub. “I’m beyond sorry for what happened that night,” he said. Gutierrez seemed to take things in stride, displaying the poise befitting someone that came within a breath of the title of Miss Universe. Watch the clips and see.

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