There Will Be 5 Visible Planets In The Sky On January 20

In an occurrence that would have freaked out more astrologically-inclined civilizations, five planets will be visible in the southern sky starting January 20. Pre-dawn risers will be treated to a view of Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter from January 20 until February 20. The only planets not visible will be the distant trio of Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus. While Neptune and Pluto can only be seen via telescope, careful observers will be able to spot Uranus in dark conditions. Pluto is also now technically a “dwarf planet” but that has planet in the name, so we’re including it in this list. The best way to see these planets will be outside of the light pollution of the city, facing south before dawn. The planets will also be visible in the evening sky from August 13 to 19, although Mercury and Venus will be hard to see because of their position near the setting sun. This is the first time that all five will be visible since 2005, according to What global shifts do all these visible planets foretell? Probably nothing, but maybe there’s a prophecy that’s coming to pass. Possible prophecies could include: A dark jester will attempt to storm a light house. A starman will be called back home. A singer with a purpose will dye. And, Glenn Frey, founding member of Eagles will pass away at 67. Pretty specific bummer prophecy, that last one is. One can only hope that the planets portend happy news.

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