This Instagrammer Perfectly Matches Makeup To Snacks

If you’ve ever picked up a bag of chips and wished your look could more completely match your snack choice, you will relate to Tim O.

We love that he’s drawing inspiration from snack bags to do his makeup. It’s like Andy Warhol painting can-on-can-on-can of Campbell’s Soup, but with makeup. And on Instagram. And it’s chips instead of soup. You get the idea.

Tim’s melding of high and low culture is the perfect way to reach an accessible look. Also, it makes more sense than you think. Snack graphic designers want to maximize their packaging to draw your eye to the shelf that that snack is on. If you have boring packaging, your snack doesn’t get bought and your snack company is out of a job. Tim has basically taken that principle and applied it to makeup. In an unrelated note, we are now hungry. Does anyone have any chips?

What’s your favorite? We like Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream but we’re open to switching to Funyuns. The yellow-and-green is really eye-catching.


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