13 Amazing Strapless Bras R29ers Love

Apparently, our staff has lots of feelings about strapless-bra season. When we posed the "what's your favorite" question, this editor's inbox quickly turned into a heated discussion. Some are going rogue and ditching their under things altogether while others have taken a definitive stance in favor of their tried-and-true picks. And then there are those who are positively confused by these gravity-defying contraptions, expressing their eager anticipation of this story in hopes of nabbing a few worthy suggestions.
We're an opinionated bunch and we're not afraid to give our two cents. Especially when it comes to what makes us feel our most confident and supported underneath our stylish exteriors. Since we've already rebooted the rest of your underwear drawer, there's no better time to tackle this elusive piece — and just before all those summer weddings start. Ahead, our staff's hall-of-fame recommendations, perfect for underneath those tricky, slinky silhouettes. Your girls will totally be feeling the love.
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"For all the busty ladies lookin' for some good support, this bra is for you! It doesn't flop over, the underwire doesn't change shape; it just freaking works! In the past, I've shied away from clothes that require a strapless bra, but now that I have this bad boy, I'm open to anything!" — Sydney Hass, junior designer

"I recently purchased what has turned out to be the only strapless bra I've ever actually liked, which is this one from Gap Body. It's inexpensive, great with the straps, and (more importantly) doesn't turn into a total disaster if you wear it strapless!" — Jen Calloway, front end engineer
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"Most strapless bras have an 'expiration date' — that moment when it has caused you so much pain that you can't wear it anymore. You are ready to throw it away. But, not Chantelle's C Essential Strapless Bra. I can wear this bra all day at work and then out all night, without any regrets. Plus, it actually provides support, which can be hard to find for bustier girls. The band underneath the wire creates extra support and lift, and is offered up to a G cup. Before finding this bra, I used to avoid anything in my wardrobe that needed a strapless bra. It just seemed too tedious, but luckily not anymore." — Rebecca Smith, SEO editor
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"I have a pretty small frame but wear a D cup, and this offers support, doesn't slip, and has the added bonus of looking super cute under barely there tank tops. It's also convertible, so you can wear it with straps. Highly recommend." — Jessica Novak, marketing analytics manager
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"I have a standard department-store-sized bust — a B or C cup depending. When a dress calls for a strapless, I sometimes skip the bra altogether. At my size, I can! Still, I'm not trying to be an exhibitionist and distract people with my areolas over the dinner table either. Is there anything more awkward than catching a guy friend glance at your nipple? Probably. But it's still pretty bad. To avoid all that, I opt for some petals. They give just enough modesty and coverage without having to go all the way and add another garment to my summertime look." — Mary*, producer
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"I'm a huge fan of super-feminine under things, and this strapless pick actually comes in my rare size of 30D, so it's snug while still offering support." — Lauren Caruso, contributor network editor
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"This is not one of those sexy bandeaus you'll want to show off under a low-slung tank. It's the workhorse strapless that goes under almost anything else. The cups keep their form without any annoying padding, and it comes with detachable straps that you can wear straight or criss-crossed. I know it's pricey, but I've been wearing mine consistently for a few years and haven't ever had a bra hold up as well." — Laura Norkin, content editor
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"Usually if I have a shirt that requires a strapless bra, I just wear my regular bra and go with it. But, sometimes, when I'm wearing a tank with big arm holes, I'll be in the mood to throw on one of those Hanky Panky bandeaus. My favorite one is pink lace, and I love the way it gives an unexpected pop of pink from the sides of the tank. But, fair warning: this thing doesn't do much by way of support. And, you might want to think twice before you break into an unexpected sprint while wearing it. I learned that the hard way..." — Maria Del Russo, beauty writer
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"I came to terms a few years back that I will never fit into any bra you can find in conventional lingerie shops, and don't have the energy to go find those rare AAA bras that oftentimes cost more than regular ones. So, I returned to the training bra department, and those fit PERFECTLY. Kohl's carries a strapless bra that's got a thick band, minimal stretch, and tiny cuppage, which means that it NEVER slips down (which is an incredible thing to experience for ladies who don't have much on top to hold things up). Plus, it's $14.99. You can't beat that!" — Connie Wang, style director
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"This is not my exact bra, but it's the latest iteration of the Body by Victoria strapless, which is one of the few things that I own in multiples. It literally gets me through the entire summer. I'm one of those people who absolutely hates visible bra straps, so this thing gets me through. It's just structured enough while still being comfortable to wear, is totally seamless, and actually manages to stay up thanks to some nifty anti-slip jelly trim. All in all, I'm a major fan! For reference, I'm a 34B." — Tara Rasmus, associate beauty editor
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"I used to think of the strapless bra as this elusive intimate that I would have to be okay not having. But, turns out there are plenty of amazing options out there — that are supportive and comfortable and won't be drooping down my sides by the end of the evening — as long as you know where to look. I've found some of my best pieces at Journelle and Nordstrom that work wonders on my 34C bust. As for OnGossamer's strapless push-up, I think Journelle's product description says it best: 'The band offers just the right amount of this won't-fall-down-when-you're-dancing-up-a-storm.' Done and done." — Ellen Hoffman, editorial assistant, shopping
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"I used to wear backless adhesive bras for dance performances when I was younger. It's super easy to secure into place, and it offers a surprising amount of support. And now it works perfectly under all of my crop tops with tricky silhouettes." — Alison Ives, production assistant
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"I’m a 32A, so bra shopping is oftentimes a difficult, not to mention embarrassing, experience for me — I just want to grab what I need and leave before a salesperson directs me over to the pre-teen section (which has happened before). Luckily, I’ve found a strapless bra that I love and fits me like a glove: Calvin Klein’s Naked Glamour Convertible Strapless Push-Up. While it has a bit of padding to give me a boost, it’s slight and very natural looking. I’ve gone back to purchase it multiple times in multiple colors — it’s seriously my favorite bra ever!" — Samantha Sutton, staff writer

"This is one of the only strapless bras that has ever stayed up. As a 32C, it's hard to find something that fits well around the torso. This does. Its rubber grippers actually do the job and it gives you that extra oomph when you dare to show some cleavage." — Cecilia Soto, executive assistant
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"I love wearing patterned bandeaus underneath sheer white T-shirts or with tanks with plunging armholes. 100% coverage, 0% scandal." — Jinnie Lee, staff writer

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