13 Amazing Strapless Bras R29ers Love

Apparently, our staff has lots of feelings about strapless-bra season. When we posed the "what's your favorite" question, this editor's inbox quickly turned into a heated discussion. Some are going rogue and ditching their under things altogether while others have taken a definitive stance in favor of their tried-and-true picks. And then there are those who are positively confused by these gravity-defying contraptions, expressing their eager anticipation of this story in hopes of nabbing a few worthy suggestions.
We're an opinionated bunch and we're not afraid to give our two cents. Especially when it comes to what makes us feel our most confident and supported underneath our stylish exteriors. Since we've already rebooted the rest of your underwear drawer, there's no better time to tackle this elusive piece — and just before all those summer weddings start. Ahead, our staff's hall-of-fame recommendations, perfect for underneath those tricky, slinky silhouettes. Your girls will totally be feeling the love.