24 Unique Stacking Rings That Make Serious Statements

As much as we love the idea of stacking rings, they've always felt like one of those trends that we can't get enough of on Instagram but have trouble translating IRL. Our attempts to rock collections of plain bands tend to end up looking more try-hard than understated and chic. Thankfully, we've found the ultimate hack for success.

While the usual mindset for creating a ring collection you can wear all at once is to purchase only minimal, dainty styles, we've come to realize that getting more creative can look just as good (and make jewelry-shopping way more fun). And since you only have so many spots to fill, opting for a few statement rings to mix things up can instantly take your simple stack from boring to Insta-feed ready.

To help your hands pack a punch, we've sourced 24 of the best standout, yet minimal (we promise, that's not an oxymoron!) rings. You'll conquer this trend in style, in no time.
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A square band and off-set stone are two easy ways to make a minimalist ring unique.
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Swap out white diamonds for black ones, and a could-be engagement ring feels more like an everyday option.
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These seemingly mismatched ornaments turn out to be a match made in heaven.
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When looking for a trendy option, go with a lower-priced ring that you can easily swap in and out of your stack rotation.
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While wedding bands are inherently meant to be stacked, make sure yours packs a bling-y punch so it shines among your more minimal rings.
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A curved design looks best as a midi ring, so grab one in a size or two smaller than your norm.
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X marks the spot.
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This zip-tie ring gives your stack the ultimate edge.
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All signs point to opal, obviously.
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Inject some subtle color into your ring game with a spatter of rubies.
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Seriously, how cute are these?
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Show off your inner queen with a little stacked bling.
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This complete set does all the work for you.
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Thorns you can wear, pain-free.
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Jewels are a girl's new best friend.
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This ring makes four good points.
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An open-square version to keep you from feeling boxed-in.
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This ring sets the bar for cool.
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Emojis are so passé.
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We love how the minimal band makes the pearl look like it's floating.
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Put the petal to the metal.
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When geometric meets understated-chic.
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A ring we definitely wouldn't mind chaining to ourselves.
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Isn't this rose-gold piece a whirlwind?
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Hello, trifecta!

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