Hollywood Makeup Artists Answer Reddit's Biggest Beauty Questions

What kind of beauty junkies would we be if we didn’t scroll through the MakeupAddiction subreddit on the regular? The sounding board for more than half a million subscribers is the place to be for everything from sharing customer-service experiences with niche beauty brands and seeing how people organize their vanities to garnering constructive criticism on cut-crease techniques.
So whenever we stumble across a really good beauty question in the Reddit community, we often wonder, What would Lucy Hale and Jenna Dewan's makeup artist say about that? So we engineered our dream AMA (that's Reddit speak for Ask Me Anything), in which we passed MakeupAddiction’s most intriguing questions along to the most notable makeup artists in Hollywood.
Ahead, get definitive answers on whether we should take a blow dryer to our makeup brushes, what makeup to pack for a summer cruise, and more, as the high-profile pros tackle burning questions from some of the world’s most knowledgeable beauty nerds.
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The Question: "Is there anything wrong with drying my brushes with a hair dryer?"

Posted by: SaucySausage93

The Pro: Allan Avendano (clients include Jenna Dewan, Lucy Hale, Leona Lewis, and Camila Cabello)

The Answer: "I try not to blow dry my makeup brushes because, like our hair, natural and synthetic bristles on brushes can become damaged and brittle when exposed to too much heat. On the occasion that I am stuck with wet or damp brushes, I’ll do a pass with a blow dryer, but I try and have patience and use the cool setting only."

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The Question: "Can lip liner be used as eyeliner?"

Posted by: mochi0425

The Pro: Mai Quynh (clients include Alison Brie, Camila Mendes, and Freida Pinto)

The Answer: "I wouldn’t recommend using a lip liner around the eye area because some of the ingredients or colors may not be tested to use around the eyes and may cause irritation or sensitivity. Instead, try looking for an eyeliner range with an array of colors."

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The Question: "I love the look of being dewy and glowy, but almost all the tutorials and tips I find are for people with dry skin. Any for tips on achieving a dewy look for combination and oily skin types?"

Posted by: bapeater

The Pro: Matthew Vanleeuwen (clients include Rebel Wilson, Lily Collins, and Salma Hayek)

The Answer: "For the perfect glow on oily or combination skin, the key is placement and control. To set liquid makeup, I use a powder highlighter, like Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, on the high points of the face only (like cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of the nose) to create a velvety glow that doesn’t increase shine everywhere. Then I use a matte powder to set parts of the face that are already oily. This helps keep more shiny areas at bay without affecting the glowy parts."

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The Question: "What makeup should I take on a cruise? I’ll be in humidity and heat and on beaches, in the rainforest, and on the ocean."

Posted by: Rawr_And_Stuff

The Pro: Megan Lanoux (clients include Bailee Madison, Laurie Hernandez, and Katie Stevens)

The Answer: "First and foremost, take sunscreen — sun damage is no joke! As far as makeup, I avoid anything that gives full coverage or a powdery finish and go with things that enhance glowy, dewy skin instead. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint is great — it gives skin a healthy glow and has SPF 20, too. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer gives great coverage, but doesn’t look or feel heavy. I also suggest packing a cream blush; Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick is beautifully pigmented and looks very natural on skin.

Since you’ll be in and around water, try waterproof makeup for the eyes. Lancôme Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara gives the effect of big lashes but won’t smudge, and Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade helps create beautiful, waterproof eyebrows. Last but not least, Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss gives the perfect pop of color for a glowy finish."

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The Question: "How can I better curl my eyelashes? I’m a leftie and can curl my lashes perfectly on my left eye. But I can never get the lashes on my right eye as curly — the lashes on the inner corner of my right eye are always straight. It’s frustrating!"

Posted by: lululalaland2401

The Pro: Alex Byrne (clients include Madelaine Petsch, Rosamund Pike, and Michelle Williams)

The Answer: "My number-one rule in makeup is to always do your "worst" or most difficult side first. This allows you to match your "good" or "easy" side to your trickier one for symmetry. If you’re left-handed then curl your right side, then match your left side to it — it may not give you your maximum lash look, but more importantly, they’ll match."

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The Question: "How can I make my eyeshadow more visible behind my glasses? ... It's not until I take my glasses off that people are like, 'your eyeshadow looks nice.' YEAH, I KNOW."

Posted by: BrigadierNasty

The Pro: Fiona Stiles (clients include Gabrielle Union, Kate Beckinsale, and Katherine Langford)

The Answer: "I always think you have to add a bit more eye makeup in general when you wear glasses because lenses prevent the light from hitting eyes directly, diffusing their sparkle. Just don’t go too heavy with black or a ton of shadow under the eyes — your glasses can cast a shadow onto your eyes, which can make eyeshadow look more severe. Instead, try adding a bit of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes and on the lids right above the pupil to catch the light and add a bit more twinkle.

Curling your lashes not only looks good; it can also help to keep your lashes from hitting the lenses. I prefer a tubing mascara, like Surratt Relevée Mascara, since the wax from a traditional mascara can gunk up my lenses. Finally, wearing glasses with a clear or lighter frame will let people see your eyes a bit more, so you may want to play around and see how your makeup looks with different frame colors and/or opacities.”

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The Question: "Can anyone tell me why I get the worst raccoon eyes, no matter what I do? I have dark circles so I use a color corrector and concealer on top and finish with setting powder. I put my eyeliner on before my concealer but still get awful raccoon eyes shortly after finishing my makeup."

Posted by: Joce7

The Pro: Alex Byrne

The Answer: "Raccoon eyes and runny makeup can result from a whole cocktail of things. But most often it stems from not fully removing an oil-based eye makeup remover from the lashes and skin, or unknowingly applying moisturizer to your lashes and lids during a skin-care routine. First, consider whether you’re taking your makeup off at night with a remover that leaves an oily residue. If so, be sure to remove with cotton any residual residue left on lashes and skin after taking off mascara, or switch to a remover that doesn’t leave any oily residue whatsoever.

Second, think about how you moisturize in the morning and at night: Do you pass your hands over your lids and lashes when applying? It’s best to avoid your eye area altogether and moisturize around your eyes instead. Finally, take into account how much time passes between applying moisturizer and swiping on mascara. Let as much time as possible pass between these two parts of your routine to keep makeup from sliding around."

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The Question: "I have extremely short eyelashes that face downward and have zero natural curl to them whatsoever. I curl my eyelashes daily and wear mascara, but in my 12 years of wearing makeup, I have found that almost every single mascara I've tried weighs down my lashes. What can I do to make my lashes hold curl with mascara?"

Posted by: jagerbombshell22

The Pro: Lydia Sellers (Clients include Carly Pearce, Shiri Appleby, and Meghan Markle)

The Answer: “When lashes resort to their natural shape after being curled, water-soluble ingredients in mascara are typically the culprit. Try using a waterproof formula, which tends to give a stronger, longer-lasting hold. Another tip: Warm up an eyelash curler with your hands or blow dryer before curling lashes for a more intense curve.”

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The Question: "I’m putting together makeup gift bags for a bridal shower and want to fill it with holy grail drugstore products. This started out as such a great plan but now I’m overwhelmed by options. What would you put in it?”

Posted by: themistlist

The Pro: Tasha Reiko Brown (clients include Letitia Wright, Logan Browning, and Lupita Nyong'o)

The Answer: “Spend the most of your budget on skin care and the rest on makeup in classic colors. I would start by buying a hydrating mud mask, to purify and nourish skin — and serve as a fun and photo-worthy group activity to do together. Next, add a solid quality moisturizer. With good skin prep, using little to no foundation is possible.

In the makeup aisle, I recommend my favorite drugstore foundation: L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Makeup, which has a simple skin-tone matching system, which makes it easier to buy for a friend. The low price point means you can even purchase two or more colors in her range for accuracy.

A great mascara is always appreciated. L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara in Carbon Black is simply the best, and I’ve tried them all. Fill the rest with bang-for-your-buck drugstore palettes in neutral, easy colors that will look good on any skin tone. For an adventurous bride, maybe even choose a bright eyeshadow or two in the wedding accent colors for fun. Lastly, throw in makeup wipes. During exhaustive pre-wedding activities, a quick makeup removal option is always appreciated.”

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The Question: "In a makeup tutorial, I saw Rihanna apply a brown eyeshadow color under her eyes to add dimension and hide lines. Does this really work to hide small lines right under the lower lashes?"

Posted by: shinyquest

The Pro: Tasha Reiko Brown

The Answer: "Some people use heavy concealer under the eyes to hide discoloration. But because skin around the eyes tends to be thinner, the aftereffect can look a bit crepe-y. The trick that Rihanna is using — using warm-neutral eyeshadow, smoked and blended near the bottom lash line — can help define the lash line and distract from this effect.

Using heavy concealer right up the lash line can also have a jarring effect because it covers the natural dimension right beneath the eyes. Adding eyeshadow here mimics natural eye shading and helps minimize a heavy makeup look."


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