This Tutorial Combines 2 Huge Instagram Beauty Trends — & It's Easy!

When you're in a beauty rut, it's a little like looking in your closet and seeing absolutely nothing to wear. Sure, you have the bones to create a killer look — a bold liner here, a bottle of texture spray there — but sometimes you just need a boost of inspiration. That's why we created Short Cuts, a series of quick, easy-to-follow videos meant to educate, empower, and excite the beauty nerds in all of us. Whether you're looking to learn something new or to refresh your current routine, there's a Short Cut for you.
If you're a beauty lover with an Instagram account, chances are you've noticed two trends popping up time and time again: Cut creases and pink makeup. Sure, the two aren't exactly new (nor do they necessarily have to go together) but aspiring makeup artists have made the duo a winner online. The only problem? It's a bit technical. Luckily, we were inspired by all the variations filling our feeds, so we decided to create the easier-than-most look above. Translation: It combines both trends and is so simple!
Press play to see it in action, then keep scrolling down to check out our step-by-step breakdown.
Step 1. Using a fluffy blending brush, dust a matte, peachy pink shadow (try this palette) into your crease for definition. As you reach the outer corners of your eyes, sweep the color into a wing as you blend.
Step 2. Layer a deeper shade of pink over the peach shade to add depth.
Step 3. Dip a flat brush into some concealer and gently lay the product onto your lid. Be sure to stop at your crease and to keep the line crisp.
Step 4. Using the same concealer and brush, extend the product into a wing following the general outline of the shadow you already applied to sharpen your flick.
Step 5. Pat a hot pink shadow over your concealer. There should be a thin line of concealer at your crease.
Step 6. Dust a bit of purple eyeshadow directly above and below the concealer line to emphasize it.
Step 7. Finish off with a few coats of black mascara.
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