Hollywood Makeup Artists Answer Reddit's Biggest Beauty Questions

What kind of beauty junkies would we be if we didn’t scroll through the MakeupAddiction subreddit on the regular? The sounding board for more than half a million subscribers is the place to be for everything from sharing customer-service experiences with niche beauty brands and seeing how people organize their vanities to garnering constructive criticism on cut-crease techniques.
So whenever we stumble across a really good beauty question in the Reddit community, we often wonder, What would Lucy Hale and Jenna Dewan's makeup artist say about that? So we engineered our dream AMA (that's Reddit speak for Ask Me Anything), in which we passed MakeupAddiction’s most intriguing questions along to the most notable makeup artists in Hollywood.
Ahead, get definitive answers on whether we should take a blow dryer to our makeup brushes, what makeup to pack for a summer cruise, and more, as the high-profile pros tackle burning questions from some of the world’s most knowledgeable beauty nerds.