R29's Petite Gals Take On Dress Shopping

Like many petite women, we here at R29 HQ have our fair share of dressing woes. Ever stepped into a floor-length frock only to be swallowed in excess fabric? Or, tried on a mini and realized that, on you, it's actually a midi? This happens to us all the time. To further complicate matters, our short frames come in many shapes and sizes, and the term "petite" doesn't necessarily correspond to a size zero.
So, in an attempt to stop going broke with constant trips to the tailor, our on-staff shorties (a.k.a the 5-foot-3-and-under club) banded together to form R29's first ever Petite Task Force. We broke down the most common body types and selected 21 gorgeous dresses — featuring styles for work, weddings, and weekends — that'll complement every petite woman's shape. Whether you're a pear, a carrot, an hourglass, or something else, we've got plenty of choices (and clever styling advice) to help you nail each look. Click ahead to meet our lovely peh-tee-tees and steal their super-shopper tips — and bid a fond farewell to those height-related gripes.

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