Found It! Diamond Nipples For Your Fingers

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    We know how you spent your weekend: looking for a piece of jewelry that's both luxe and lewd. But breathe a sigh of sweet relief and search no further. Because we've found a sampling of sexy rings from NY designer Nora Kogan. These miniature busts and butts come in a variety of colors (from 18K rose gold to chocolate enamel) and nipples (hot-pink enamel to sparkling white diamonds). So whether you wanna make your manicure twerk, inspire some interesting conversation, or just stay a-breast of all things fine jewelry, this crop of T&A adornments is right (and oh-so wrong) for you. Get cheeky and click through to see the $$ bodacious bling. That is, if you're willing to drop $6,255 on perky diamond nipples. #Neversaynever.

    Photos: Via Nora Kogan.

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