Try This Unexpected Hack For Finding Your Foundation Match

modeled by Julian Wan.
Some beauty truths are universal and indisputable: Harry Potter makeup brushes are always a good idea, rainbow Wet n Wild highlighter is the invention of the gods, and if we could live every day with Sailor Moon-themed nails, we obviously would.
But we're questioning one widely accepted makeup practice that many of us have been led to believe is good. PSA: The back of your hand and inner wrist are not the best places to test whether a foundation is a color match for your skin; it's actually your neck or jawline. If your world feels rocked, watch the video above for evidence and give this hack a try using the steps below.
Step 1. Match the foundation to the skin on your neck, rather than your wrist or hand.
Step 2. Dab the foundation onto your face and blend using clean fingertips, a sponge, or a brush.

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