Silver-Foxy Linda Rodin's NYC Apartment

A few months ago, we came across an article about a woman who not only made this editor want to tab the page...but also rip it out for safe keeping. Truth is, you just don't see eternally cool women like this everyday, and when you do, you want to know everything about them. The subject in question: NYC-based stylist Linda Rodin, who is currently stirring up major buzz thanks to her eponymous line of skin-care potions and cosmetics. And while pretty ladies like Gwyneth and Gucci have given the formulations a giant thumbs up, it is Rodin's personal style that has us hankering for more, more, more. At 63, you can definitely see how this former model got roped into styling all those years ago. Her knack for putting together a pitch-perfect outfit seems like second-nature...and not surprisingly, her nearby NYC apartment exhibits the same relaxed elegance as her simply stunning wardrobe. Since this is exactly how we want to carry ourselves at 30, 40, 70 (hell, until someone turns off the lights!), we decided to do a little up-close-and-personal visit with our newest sartorial inspiration. Ladies, if this is what 63 looks like, we can't hardly wait.
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White vintage Czech blouse and jeans and silver boots from Merci. Rag & Bone jeans. 

Tell us where you're from: "Originally, Rosyln, Long Island. Now I live in New York City."
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"Obviously, I love pink!"
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"My hatpin collection. I love anything that sparkles."

You definitely have a wardrobe to envy, but aside from all the designer essentials, what's your best cheap score of late?
"Hmmm. Are there any cheap stores left??"
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"My new 'Kiss' chair from the 1960s. I'm wearing my favorite polka-dot dress from Legacy and vintage Chinese slippers."
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"This is my late sister's bulletin board, with wonderful images she loved."

You launched a skincare and cosmetics line recently due to your obsession with finding the right products for your own skin. One of them, the Olio Lusso face oil, has been a runaway hit. Break it down for us. Body or face oil—what do you have to say to girls who are afraid to use it!  
"No fears...It's non-greasy, goes on like liquid gold and makes you radiant, not to mention, smell delicious."
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"That's part of my shell collection, and some French wedding crowns under glass."
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"That's called a Sailor's Valentine. I adore and collect shells."

From all your world travels, where's a place you find yourself constantly wanting to return to?  
"Rome, Italy! When I was 18, I moved there, met Twiggy, and modeled there. My fashion was wonderful: micro mini-skirts, very high over-the-knee flat leather boots, and maxi coats! So much fun. Anyway, I learned Italian and traveled all over the country for three years! I'm a total Italophile, and I adore speaking the language! That trip changed my life."
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"That's an old picture of me and my best friend's son."
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Your poodle Winky is hands-down the absolute cutest. How did Winky come into your life?  
"My basset hound passed away last March, and I was missing him terribly. He was a Christmas gift, from Paris, and we had a wonderful yet tough time together. I knew I couldn't have another 70-pound dog in my life and I had a poodle when I was young. I picked out my Wink in one second, and here we are."
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"Some cards from my late sister and vintage books I buy on the street."
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"More of my favorite objects…I am an avid collector of all bits and pieces."

Aside from your beautiful clothes, what are the items you cherish most?  
"My late sister's photographs and her antiques."
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Tell us about your tattoo!
"I got the 'Christine' tattoo less than a month after my sister passed away on December 17, 2010. I also have a similar tattoo, Nick, on my inner right wrist, which I got for my nephew when he was in the army in Iraq. He's now home safe, and it kept me going while he was in harm's way for 3 years."
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"This is vintage Japanese kimono fabric on a roll, from the flea market."

Tell us about who inspires you?
"So so many—all the '30s romances. Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow, '40 film noirs, Ida Lupino, '60s with The Graduate, Anne Bancroft, Bonnie and Clyde…Faye Dunaway….Brigitte Bardot, Monica Vitti—all the beautiful and wonderful female actresses....there are too many to list. As for music, ALL old jazz: Duke Ellington, Coleman Hawkins, Bix Beiderbecke, Cab Calloway, Fats Waller….all the greats. The Beatles, Stones, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Tim Buckley, Mozart, Chopin, Bach…see, this list is way too long."
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"Looking into my closet surrounded by things that make me smile."
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"Winky, always on the hunt for food…"

You have a very unique health and exercise regimen. How do you stay so svelte without exercise...or water??  
"LOL. It's true. I hate water and only drink it at night. I eat the mediterranean diet: Lots of vegetables, olive oil, tomatoes, fresh bread, cheese, and fish. I don't think a day goes by that I don't have tomatoes, olive oil, a salad, an avocado, and some type of fish....and a bit of chocolate after dinner."
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"Showing off my Czech couture outfit. I was just in the beautiful city of Prague. So many treasures there!"
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"More of my favorite things in my bedroom."

Your hair is gorgeous. What's are your haircare tips?  
"Thanks. I actually have very curly hair, but relax it—so much easier to handle. I have it washed and blow-dried by a great hairdresser, Leonard Golino, once a week. We use Shimmer Lights for the gray, and then of course: Rodin by Recine, the extraordinary hair oil that Bob Recine makes for my line! It keeps my hair shiny, healthy, and frizz free. It's the best hair oil anywhere."
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"Wink and I playing on the bed."
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"My favorite 'found on the street' chair, covered in faux neon-pink fur."

Your style is so classic and distinctive. Have you ever had any weird sartorial periods in your life?  
"In the '60s, it was hippy stuff, Joan Baez hair, and earrings. During the '70s, it was bellbottoms. Then I got into a very '20s phase: short bob, red lips, hats, long dresses. After that, I've just been wearing what I like, simple but with a twist, I guess. Not sure what the 'twist' is....I just don't buy a look. I like to mix and match everything."
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"My secret crush on Jon Hamm."
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"Scene of the crime, in my bathroom where Olio Lusso began."  
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Where are some of your favorite places in New York to hang out?  
"The dog park on West 22nd Street, drinks at the Mercer Hotel, the flea markets, and most of all, my own home. I'm a true homebody. I'd rather be home than anywhere else."
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"Sequin dresses from Free People from their Christmas display."

What are your five style staples—the things you find yourself wearing again and again? 
"Jeans—always jeans. Nice tops. A great handbag: My latest is a small Marni bag since I'm tired of big bags. My shoulders can't take them anymore! Wonderful boots—my latest are silver mod boots from Paris. And always a good pair of eyeglasses. I can't see without them, so I try and find nice ones because I wear them all the time."
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If your style were a song, what song would it be? 
"Donovan: 'Wear your love like heaven'."
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"I found this turquoise vase in Rome, Italy, and the cloth and metal vintage flowers from Kansas City."

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"Sitting on the edge of my office (closet!), wearing a sailor top from Legacy and Miu Miu pants."

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